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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xtcking, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. okay so I have a large ziplock full, that i keep in a metal box in the closet and i need to keep it fresh, I find it drys out fast and easy just in the bag.

    i know i know jars, but i have to keep it in my metal box, and jars don't fit so well so i want to keep it in my large smell proof bag.

    so how can i keep it fresh and from drying out too fast? (2-4) weeks its stored like this.
  2. Put a piece of bread in the bag with it.
  3. Wat does the bread do?

  4. bread redistributes moisture through out the bud, except it makes it taste like bread and leave it in there too long and expect mold. better off jus putting a damp paper toil or piece of lettuce in there with it for an hour or two depending on amount u have left when u do it.
  5. bread absorbs moisture from the outside world, you put it in the bag to help keep moisture in the bag and ergo transfer it to the bud?

    plus its bread so it wont effect the smell, if anything absorb it?
  6. i have half a large ziplock packed tight, not gunna drop exact numbers but, you can guess

    what so bread or lettuce leaf for about an hour every _ days?
  7. Just be sure not to leave it in too long.

    I like 8 hours with some orange peels in the jar for really dry bud.
  8. paper towel i can do easy, lettuce easy

    orange peel not so easy, i try this stuff guys thanks
  9. Don't keep opening the bag. Pull yourself out an 8th or any amount desired, and only use that bag. Keep your good full bag zipped tight, double bag it, just keep it closed and hidden, and only dip into it when you need to refill.
  10. mason jar = air tight = problem solved.
  11. Or go to a dollar store, and pick up a jar for like 1-3$, and they're air tight as fuck. And keep it closed!
  12. Moist paper towel wrap it in foil poke holes in it and throw in there keeps it most and no flavor.
  13. Jars are not an option guys.

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