Freshly inked - is it possible to turn this into a half-sleeve?

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    Within the last month I got my first 2 tattoos. I got them placed the way they are because I was originally wanting 2-4 small tattoos with their own dedicated space. Now, I'm leaning more towards a themed half-sleeve. With what I already have, is it possible to turn into a half-sleeve, or should I use my other arm for this? 

    ^ What I have currently.
    Edit: Here's what they look like in better lighting

  2. Why don't you talk to your artist about that....
  3. hell yeah dude. Just add some colors to fill in the back drop. You got them planets, just fill the background up with a space scene, a few universes and some stars. Don't go for any shitty flash. Just fill and add . Looks good.
  4. I have an appointment with my artist in a couple of weeks; I figured some other opinions are never a bad thing. That's what I was thinking Fear, thanks! 

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