Fresh Water in bubbler?

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  1. How often does everyone put fresh water in their bubbler. I just got one, and i haven't used it yet. (i'm on a tolerance break and she's gonna be my reward) But i was just wondering. I'm kinda in the school of thought that uses fresh water every time, thats what i do with my bong. It helps to keep the nasty smell and taste out of it. My bubbler's pretty small, probably only a few inches in height.
  2. use fresh water every time or else it will smell bad and be resiny, if that's a word..

    but yea change the water regularly
  3. every day.

    about 2-3 sessions
  4. I empty the water after every use and put in fresh water before each use. Then I clean it every so often when it starts to get dirty inside (which depends on how often I use it).
  5. dump water after every use.
  6. Yup, I change the water after every bowl. It takes like 20 seconds to empty and refill, totally worth it for fresh water.
  7. LOL at all of u usin fresh water every time u smoke. I smoke weed ALL day EVERY day. I change my water like every 2 - 3 days, depending on how brownish the water gets. Once I notice a bit of a tint to it, I will change it. I dont have time to be changin my water out after every session. Thats just a waste of time if u ask me.

  8. i just bought a new bub two days ago and i change the water about every 3 bowls. just as it starts to get yellow and nasty

    bub's still clean and it rips like a champ :D
  9. How do you change the water without getting the bowl wet? i was thinking of turning the faucet on slowly and then tipping the pipe so that the water flows in the through the carb, but this seems risky
  10. I fill up my bubbler when I first get up and then empty it out after a day of smoking.

  11. I fill my bubbler through the mouth hole cause its a hammer :hello:
  12. i change my bub water about once a day. and i fill it through the bowl
  13. oh i had a bubbler just like that. I kept a small bottle of fresh water everytime i ventured with it.

  14. yup this is what i do with mine too, except mine's a sherlock. so i guess it works for both.

    this method is also perfect for when you forgot to put in water before you packed the bowl.:eek:
  15. i hook mine to a hose and run hot water through it

    you can get the hose and adapters at ur local hardware store

    rember after running hot water run through let it get to room temp before adding cold water do this every day no gunk and slight residue build up. im a connoisseur so i love clean water. i only have to iso/salt once every 6 months
  16. mouthfull of water and spit it thru the mouthpiece
  17. How long can it possibly take you?
  18. Lol that's what I was thinking. Might as well just switch the water out when getting the ash out of the bowl, it takes no time at all. Even after one bowl that water smells disgusting. Why smoke through nasty ass water that smells like garbage when a clean, cold refill is 20 seconds away.
  19. i empty the water out the carb, and i put the water into my mouth and kind of 'spit' it back into the carb hole
  20. 2-3 days? thats gross man must stink up whereever that bub/bong sits..

    change after every bowl or sesh,, nothing beats crisp cold water (or sometimes steaming hot)..

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