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Fresh vs Dry weed for edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by masonicn, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Have a few plants growing, 4 autoflowering plants which will be ready within the next week, and a photoperiod which is still in veg. I was wondering whether making edibles with weed harvested straight from the plant is a good/viable option, as I want something which can get me high as soon as I can but heard all the ways of quickly drying bud almost completely ruin potency and taste.

    Even if edibles is not a good option for freshly harvested weed, I would love to get more suggestions on other uses for fresh/newly harvested weed

    its also quite important i mention i wouldn't be doing this to my whole yield, but just to some of it until the rest dries

    I'm also a grower from the UK growing in a greenhouse, so the plants are reasonably small and drying will take quite long too. This is also my first ever grow so I might be a bit of a noob lol
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    I have done exactly what you are considering, and it works so well that I usually make edibles the same day as harvest, because I can't wait to try the new stuff. I can't tell much difference between them and edibles made with traditionally dried and cured herb. Here's what I recommend:
    (1) Harvest a small portion, bearing in mind that dried/cured bud is about 1/5 the weight of freshly harvested. For example, if you want 5 g to make quick edibles with, then use 25 g freshly harvested.
    (2) Dry with a food dehydrator set to around 100 F for about 10 hours. A fan and a hot plate set to 100 F or so might simulate the food dehydrator. Without drying, the herb won't decarb accurately.
    (3) After the herb has been reduced to 1/5 its original weight, then decarb @ 240 F for 40 min using an oven thermometer.
    (4) Grind the herb to powder using a coffee grinder.
    (5) There are a couple of things you can do from here.
    a- Add the herb to the oil portion of any cookie or brownie mix, and bake as little as possible.
    b- Add the herb to any nut butter or nutella, then spread onto anything and eat.
    Pay special attention to amount of dried herb used, so that you can calculate dosage.
    For example, assuming 5 g of good 15% herb to make 16 brownies would yield thc per brownie of (0.15)*(5,000 mg)/16 = 47 mg thc, which is too stout for new users.
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  3. Thanks bkarnaze it sounds like a great method and if I try it I'll let you know how it goes. The only problem is that I don't have a food dehydrator or a hot plate... Although would it be easy to DIY? Like a tin foil plate with a weak heat source underneath and a fan blowing across too? Again I'm quite new to the growing scene and have never even made normal edibles tbh

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  4. Most food dehydrators are heated fans that blow hot air up thru several stacked mesh trays, meaning they are effectively fans blowing on warm material. We don't want too much heat tho, because that can lose volatiles and partially decarb. A fan blowing directly on 100 F weed would do about the same thing. Most people frown on using food dehydrators to dry MJ, and they might be right for smoke, but for edibles it doesn't matter much. I also believe that terpenes might be preserved as well as with traditional dried, because 10 hours of a fan at 100 F probably doesn't lose more terpenes than 2 weeks at room temp, but I have no proof.

    Beware of high temp and microwave ovens, which can ruin herb.

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