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  1. whats up Grasscity!

    I recently made the switch to no till. I know a lot of us put forth a lot of effort to use the things around us in our soil mixes, so I'm wondering if anyone has used fresh sea products?

    I have access to more seaweed than I'll ever need, as well as a mountain of oyster shell that was dumped many years ago. In addition, I can easily fill a bucket with crustacean shells just walking the beach.

    What would be the best way to breakdown and use this stuff? Would it be worth it to try to incorporate this into future mixes?
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  2. i would definitely use the kelp, either rinsed and dried, or in the compost pile.
    oyster shells you would need to find a way to grind them to a very fine powder to be useful. probably not worth the effort unless you got some kind of machine for that handy.
    crustation meals, also either rinse clean and dry then crush and use as a supplement. or add to your compost pile.
    i think @jerry111165 uses or used whole lobster shells in his compost.
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