Fresh Reminder Why we all hate cops (2) !!! This is worse than the first

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokerZLink, May 26, 2009.

  1. Yes i still feel sick from watching this it's a disgrace!
  2. wow....

    i bet he got in some trouble....

    choking out teenagers and all......
  3. I don't give a fuck if that's a cop or a homicide investigator, you touch my girlfriend like you touched that girl in the video, and I won't stop until you are dead or dying.
  4. just incase anybody is wondering, the last video of officer riviera, it was turned into the police. they pretty much gave him a paid suspension for a couple weeks until heat died down, and then he was at it again
    [ame=]YouTube - Breaking news about Officer Rivieri[/ame]

    i dont know bout the guys right here...
    none of them get anything guys.. just stop givin a fuck and go on with ur lives. theres obviously nothing you can do about the corruption and tyrany of our so called "justice system"
  5. crazy how he handled the girl

  6. thats so weak
  7. So boomer bumper, we should just roll over and let them fuck us in the ass?
  8. lol i WISH i would see him do that shit. fucking piece of shit
  9. A great example of why no human should have that amount of power.
  10. Dude Ive been rite where they were. thats funny. I used to live 40 minutes from that location

  11. grab your fuckin ankles're gonna get fucked by the long dick of law and you can't do shit

    orrrr MOARR charges for you...

    fuck em
  12. equality
    Power trippin hoes. I hope i never come across one.
  13. fucking power hungry piece of shit
  14. That's so shitty and wrong.
    Hopefully the cop got into some kind of trouble, because is it really nessecary to handle a 13-year-old like that?
  15. why i don't give these fucking police any respect.

    someone is gonna come along or already has and say, "but there are good police officers too".

    where? was it the guy next to him because he sure as shit didnt do anything but sit and stare.

    the only reason these fucks don't go around shooting first and asking later is because of internal investigations, which doesnt prosecute nearly enough of these fascists imo.
  16. I hope every one of those officers gets busted.
  17. There are many different kinds of cops, there are the guys who were big in highschool and only became a cop so they can have power over people again. Then there are the average guys who just want to help people and don't care about stupid offenses like weed or skateboarding. And then there are the guys who have been bullyed their whole lives who are now on a power trip.

    Not all cops are bad, I know that most officers watching that video will agree that this cop is a bad one and handled the situation completely wrong.

    Ill be a cop someday, and I promise you Im not gonna waste my time busting 13 year olds for skating or some stoners for smoking
  18. Paid Suspension? :rolleyes:

    A cop around here just got paid suspension for firing on a couple of teenagers running away from him. He fired at unarmed minors, into a residential area. And hes going back to full status in a week.

    Cops are becoming fucking jokes. After the cops around here got shot, the cops went around acting like assholes and basicly oppressing everyone in sight because they lost fellow officers.

    And they want us to care about the dead cops? I mean I do care, but not when they honour their memory by shooting at potheads and harrasing people.They should be mourning.

    After those three pitssburgh cops got shot, they've been acting like douchebag's. Plus they trashed the house of the shooter's mother, and are not letting her move back in. And they want our sympathy?
  19. There are tons of Great Officers around. But no matter what association anyone will ever have, you will always have defects.

    This guy most likely, didnt get his wife to suck him off before bed the night before, and those kids just pissed him off. The amazing part is they dont show where the kids a numerously warned that it is Illegal to skate there.

    Thats the only problem with Witness videos, is how reliable are they really? You bet for damn sure if a 13 year old kid talks to me like he is an adult, and insults me, Im going to throw his 13 year old ass on the ground and do the same thing.

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