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Fresh outta jail on bail.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by s7sidhu510, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. so....good evening all, special shout out to any and all bay area/cali tokers. :wave:

    anyways, so a few months ago i was released on bail from jail(santa clara county) because of a felony. what this felony was for im not sure i want to discuss right now. this would be my first felony after a evading police charge, hit and run, grand theft, and conspiracy charge. all of which were dropped to misdemeanors and then expunged.

    this morning was my courtdate, basically if we couldnt bring it down to a misdemeanor today then the next step would be a preliminary jury hearing. the d.a. rejected my case, stuck to the felony, proposed jail time in prison, certain classes and a life long record rendering me permanently unemployable.

    so in two months i'll be going to court again hoping for the felony to be reduced. praying is more like it actually.

    what i've come to post about though is my girlfriend. who strongly believes my court cases are due to drinking, smoking, and other things of that nature and wants me to stop.

    now im cool with not drinking and other shit like that, im just not sure how not smoking would help? bear in mind i've never gotten into any trouble high(knock on wood). i mean should i just become straight sober and hope that god hears me out after that? or maybe what shes implying is that all narcotics and the like are frowned upon between both our religions so thats why i have the bad luck that i do? im not quite sure....

    any and all help/response/questions are welcome.

    none of that bullshit hating, you deserve it, your fucked shit.
  2. she may just want you to stay clean until you get your life back on track. certainly couldn't hurt
  3. Good luck with everything man.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to cool off on smoking now? Not because your girlfriend said so, but because you're going through all this court shit. So unless you are found not guilty, you're going to face some type of punishment. The least amount of punishment will be probation with drug testing most likely.

    But I dunno. If there was a chance I'd be going to jail I'd be toking. Not only to relax my nerves, but if I was getting sent away for awhile I'd want to at least enjoy life while I can.

    Just curious. What type of prison time are you looking at?

  4. touche. the arrest itself has nothing to do with tree's actually, even though they found my pipe later it didnt matter because the police report and charges had been already filed against me. so either i got lucky they didnt add that, or the judge just hasnt brang it up.

    yeah bro like honestly i used to be more of a drinker than a smoker but since the arrest i've been an almost exclusive smoker, just to calm my mind or to distract myself and then to sleep peacefully. so thats why the trees are alot harder for me to give up then the alcohol and what not.

    if it stays a felony then the minimum time required served is one year, if im not mistaken here in california.
  5. Ouch. a year is pretty rough.

    This going to be the first time you are doing jail time?
  6. its enough to destroy the remaining 60 odd years of life after.

    this would be the first time doing time in jail after the initial holding period waiting for bail. 16-22 hours.
  7. yea, we've all done an over night or two in holding. Or at least most of us. I got screwed over a holiday weekend once and was in holding for 4 days before I went before a judge.
    if it's your first time, and the charge isn't that serious, and you have a good lawyer, odds are you aren't going to be going away for a year. Even if you are sentenced for a year, you wont serve the whole time.

    it'll still screw up your record for the rest of your life though.

    Good luck. Maybe you'll get lucky.
  8. Depends on the felony. I know a convicted felon who owns a gun shop, got a hardship waiver from the judge. Felons can vote, get jobs, own businesses, own guns, if it's done right.

    Of course, there are entire subcultures in the US who would have you believe that being convicted of a felony means you have no choice but to sit on your ass all day and collect welfare. Being convicted of a felony =/= disenfranchised

    Good luck OP
  9. Damn brother, I feel you. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. That's what my girlfriend told me before my court hearing last Wednesday. I was originally charged with 5 fucking felonies. All related to graffiti, and burglary. I have to spend NO time in jail, Owe 72 community service hours, and just have to take some victim awareness classes. I really wish you luck, my friend. Sometimes, you just have to let life do its thing.
  10. #10 aceguitar, Mar 21, 2012
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    Evading police, grand theft, no its not the weed. You are just an ass. Grow up. If you stole someone's car and run from police then hit someone you deserve everything you get. If you didn't do it then we all feel for you. Don't act like a complete fucking asshole in life then blame it in weed or alcohol.

    Name calling is not allowed here. Mat369
  11. #11 Klauck, Mar 21, 2012
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    he never blamed it on substances you douchbag.... Good luck OP.

    0 tolerance for name calling and or disrespect
  12. Stop Smoking
  13. Hey man cmon, he's going through shit and I think he's already heard this shit. You don't know what happened that night/day or what the fuck he was doing.

    I hope for the best for you OP, I'd say just smoke a small amounts sincce it keeps you nice and not high as shit

    Peace :smoke:
  14. It kinda depends on what you did for me to say whether you should stop or not. Like others said, a lot of probation comes with drug testing so you might not have much of a choice (unless you want to get in more trouble).

    Now assuming you didn't have to get drug tested:

    If you were stealing a car and came up with the idea while you were stoned, then yeah, you should probably stop. If you did anything illegal and thought up the idea and did it while you were high, maybe so...

    But if it really has nothing to do with the crime you allegedly committed, then I wouldn't. Again, that's assuming you won't have to be tested.

    Good luck, I think if you have done something wrong and you already regret it you're on the right path. Hopefully you didn't do anything too bad and the DA is just trying to make it look worse (versus you actually doing something illegal as fuck with no remorse).

    Alcohol is a terrible drug, it really is. I think completely giving up alcohol would be a good show of faith to your girlfriend and she may see how that changes you and not even think about weed at that point.
  15. #15 aceguitar, Mar 21, 2012
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    [quote name='"Klauck"']he never blamed it on substances you douchbag.... Good luck OP.[/quote]

    No he's just a fucking criminal. If he stole your car and fucked up your stuff youd be pissed! What if this dick hit someone and hurt them like your child? The whole point of his post is if he stops doing mj and alcohol will his life be better? Will he not be in trouble? Fuck no!!! You can't teach stupid , but like the other people replied you should stop!! Sorry, don't wish you luck. You don't need luck , you need to learn what life is about.maybe for someone like you jail is good. you sound guilty, I don't know, are you?
  16. rofl. umadbro? technically you're a criminal too unless you live somewhere where marijuana is legal
  17. [quote name='"frankenfish"']
    rofl. umadbro? technically you're a criminal too unless you live somewhere where marijuana is legal[/quote]

    Technically I'm not a criminal since I live in Cali and have a mmj card. I'm not mad dude but when you get to be a bit older and work your ass off your whole life to provide for your family and then some shithead comes along and decides to fuck it all up then I have no pity or sympathy for him. He had choices. Why not get the opinion of the person who got their car stolen or crashed? I bet everyone would feel different.
  18. Of course he is, OP stole his car and crashed it :cry:
  19. #19 aceguitar, Mar 21, 2012
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    [quote name='"Not Sure"']

    Of course he is, OP stole his car and crashed it :cry:[/quote]

    I bet your one if the types who will cry like a bitch if nobody is watching, huh? You would be pissed to if you were old enough to drive or buy a car. One day when you grow up you will understand. I've never had a car stole but I'm sure most people have had some kind of crime commited against them. Maybe you like it?

    Disrespect is not allowed here. Mat369
  20. As opposed to crying about it on a message board?
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