Fresh out of the military, how to make frenz.

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  1. Like my simple title states, my life is shifted once again back to the glorious freedom of civilian. (just did a 5 year tour in the navy) But i've moved back to socal (different city) and have to make new friends and re-establish myself again at 27. off chance anyone is in the oc or irvine? I feel like my social skills are crusty and dead.
  2. Hi hon, When I was in my 50s, I moved to a town where I knew absolutely no one. So, I went back to school!

    A few community college courses later, I not only had a new set of friends :passtheshit:, but also had met a friendly and reliable young lady (about the age of my eldest son) who dealt a little cannabis on the side to help with her college expenses. Worked out quite nicely for both of us. We still cross paths now and then.

    Ceramics and yoga classes are good choices- relaxing, very little homework and quite a few cannabis friendly folks take them! Check out the lounge or cafeteria for a "stoner's table"- even the small rural college where I went had one.

    Granny :wave:
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  3. Wassup bruh. Name's Trey , you're in the right place to start haha :love-m3j:
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  4. Join some Facebook groups in your area that are related to your hobbies.
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  5. Thanks dudes, I've been pretty stonewalled about how to be a civilian again
  6. Welcome back to the city! Palm Springs here

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  7. Party on Garth! College like storm said is a prime spot. Its like a supermarket of girls. Get a job at a hospital. Worked for me. Thats where i met my mexican cutie. Good luck brah and thank you for your service! Now get out and smash!

    my wig is loose, your stroke is weak...
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  8. did you learn a trade?
  9. Go to college
  10. Dont here...civilians are stupid. I cope by looking like an oddity.

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