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fresh nug off plant - firecracker

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ImSoNew0rleans, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. just wondering....I'm use to making firecrackers with fully dry nugs.....

    I have my Vanilla Kush that wont be finish until 3 weeks from now....and I want to make a firecracker with a fresh wet nug off the plant......

    So do I just pull the nug then chop it up real good with scissors then mix it in with the PB on the crackers???
  2. You need to activate or decarboxylate your material... firecrackers are already 'worst-case-scenario' edibles, meaning you're already cutting corners, and sacrificing huge amounts of potency, just for the ease and speed of the recipe. People should be decarbing their smokable, already dry bud for 20 to 30 minutes -before they even begin making their firecrackers-!

    Decarboxylation is the process of removing the carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor. This converts your inactive THCA, into THC (it's what happens as we vape, and smoke). When the plant matter itself is still very wet, and it's about to be sandwiched in peanut butter, activation is nearly impossible to achieve.

    Starting with wet bud is only going to leave you disappointed, when it doesn't work at all (unless you throw the dry-equivalent of an 8th or more on there to try and compensate for the waste. Then maybe you'd at least feel 'something'. But while completely wet and fresh, that would be around... 10 - 12 grams). :)

    Hope this helps!

    Something from a recent similar thread....

    If you're truly compelled to cook with your material now, mince it up as finely as possible, place it on some foil, and speed-dry it in your oven for an hour or two at its very lowest setting.

    You -will- lose most of your terpene content drying this way, and you likely will degrade some cannabinoid potency as well.

    But, it will still absolutely provide you with a stronger edible experience, with much less waste in potency, than just throwing wet material into a firecracker, as-is. :p
  3. wow....learn something new everyday lol.....



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