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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. i got a gram of some of the best bud i've ever gotten yesterday...smoked half in my bowl and rolled the other half. it wasn't fat enough for a whole joint so i put a roach in it...i like them, anyway. i also took a picture of my stealthy highlighter. i glued a piece of a pen to the end so it's easy to take the end cap off, and i stash my joints in it (wrapped in a sandwich bag). stealthy.

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  4. toss that shit in my pocket and i can keep it on me at all times
  5. what a meaningful post.
  6. ya, thats call a pointless post.....dont do it..:mad:


    :rolleyes: im just tryin to get my point

    :smoke: :p
  7. wow, thats how 99% of the kids get caught with weed, in a highlighter lol, better off putting it in a plastic bag under the sole of your shoe.. Also, that J is real... crumbled? and the roach is like an inch long :O
  8. yea its not like ur gonna get searched and all u have on u is a highlighter in ur pocket and they wont look threw it, rofl

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