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Fresh Harvest

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bizzoo, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Whats up people.

    Just posting a few pictures of a small harvest we did. Super fresh, uncured rite off the plant pictures. Ill give you the cured photos once they are done.

    heeeere you go.

  2. Very nice sir!!!!!! Hope my plants look like that where there done!!!!!! +rep
  3. i just came and so did my girlfriend

    amazing bud man
  4. lol thanks guys.

    Juuuust wait. In about a month you guys are going to shit your pants straight up.

  5. Can't wait!!!!!:hello:
  6. sick, thats some nice looking purple u got there, how many plants u guys chop? and do u know waht strain it is
  7. Looking very nice those are gonna be frosty once they cure you can already tell. + rep for sureeeee :D
  8. Sorry bro, not ganna discuss amounts.

    The strain is GDP, all cloned from a very healthy mother.
  9. Gorgeous Buds Man i can deffinately see that you have a green thumb.
  10. i just spent the last 4 hours doing the same thing. will get pics up tomorrow. nice looking buds.
  11. great looking nugs man.
  12. really nice!
  13. Good stuff man. :D
  14. nice dude..enjoy!
  15. Thats some great purple man. WHat flowering fert's you use? Your going to be so happy when u ge to trim all those fuckers
  16. Damn, that is one bright green bud. Awesome, + ReP
  17. That is some DANK +rep for a great looking harvest
  18. wow looks godly
    what kind of bud is it
  19. Jesus christ man! That looks like some delicious nug. What strain were you growing?
  20. that looks sexy man..

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