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fresh harvest ready to dry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokinbudz420, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. 3rd plant ive harvested so far. not much on it but was my first grow, indoor CFL.

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  2. nice.... im bout to begin my own CFL grow and was curious what kind of setup you had, bulbs in particular... cause that looks like a decent harvest... what was your final weight???
  3. Nice man! Next time try the lst method to get more out of your yeild.
  4. nice looking nugs, but let me give you a few pointers : lose the foil and have you ever heard of topping? i think you'd yield quite a bit more if you did.
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    ive got 1 500w fluorescent flood light i use, and i bought just a regular hallway light fixture and put 3 75w (might have been the 100w or whatever the next size is, cant remember right now) fluorescent bulbs in. the 1st pic is the 500w one, and the 2nd pic is of the setup i had, took out some of the lights after i harvested the hydro. was no special setup (and yeah i know the foil is shitty but i covered the rest after that pic was taken lol)

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  6. I have not yet grown, as time and space limitations are currently keeping me from my dream, so take my words with a grain of salt, but tinfoil? Go buy some mylar sheeting, it's cheap, and have those plants make the most out of that 500w. I thought when I looked at your harvest that you had used only a couple 25w cfls. I don't know man, It looks great, but your yield seems way on the low end. How long did you veg and flower for, what kind of soil, nutes, etc? :smoking:
  7. good looking buds dude. dry them up and let them cure nice and long

    thats exactly the type of grow im working on setting up. i just wanna grow a small personal stash for me and me only. only like an ounce per plant. ive been highly considering lowryder.

  8. The past 2 plants i harvested werent mine to start with, friend moved and gave me his clones (i thought they were kinda screwed up when he gave em to me.). he trimmed all the fan leaves, and there were pretty much no branches on it at all so he must have flowered it from when it was small or something (got this one and 1 other from him about a week 1/2 into flower), but i finished it off as nice as i could lol. ones i had going looked much better than the ones i got from him.

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