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  1. I know this is Pandora's box and this is may be the wrong place to put this, but I like this group haha :p

    So, I'm pretty baked because of summMERRR! and I went into my frigde and was ecstatic to see an apple...and its really good, I don't think anything can beat fresh fruit while you baked ( anyone seen that video of the old hippy who tries 25 acid tabs and starts eating strawberries whole)

    Anyone else down with the fresh fruit?
  2. Im all about the fruit man. Kiwis, bananas, apples, mangos, whatever Im down
  3. fuck yeah mandarin oranges, pineapples, grapes, blood oranges, granny smith apples, fucking normal oranges. It's all the way to go.

    I can't really think of a bad type of fruit. But awhile ago I thought about that and realized tahta it's simply because stores don't import fruit that is shitty. But I'd like to try that shitty fruit. Because some of it's probably not shitty.

    Sorry Im nodding and this thread is like a flytrap for people who are too fucked up to come and ramble about fruit.
  4. Fuck dude I wish I had some of that exotic shit or just like a kiwi or something. I think I'm out fruit, oh shit I think I have grape juice. BRB
  5. Orange juice is nectar of the gods.

    Even when I'm stone sober.
  6. Yeah Orange Juice is god as fuck, but I try to keep down on juices because they are sugary(processed) as hell, like If I am going to eat sugar it might as well be natural sugar, but I couldn't refuse the grapes!
  7. Just buy the stuff that's not from concentrate, I doubt the sugar in that is processed?
    But sugar is sugar? :confused:

    A few summers ago I went on vacation to Greece and they sold this super-high-priced orange juice that was straight from oranges from this orange field right next to the restaurant, it was like $5 a glass. But I'm a bitch for OJ so I bought it and it's the best thing I've ever tasted to this day.

    Besides Jenkem.
  8. Mmmm. I got a bowl of raspberries and cut up some mango. so so tastey. meursault what're you noddin on?
  9. mm fruit.

    I love me some peaaches LOL
  10. i love grapes and grape juice, anytime.
  11. Some H that was randomly given to me with my N2O cracker that d I had let a frined borrow...which is now sitting next to me..................with 2 whippets ready.......hmmmmmmm......:hide:
  12. Damn i love fruits but they make my throat itch its wierd
  13. gift drugs are the best kind. Whippets while nodding are crazy, enjoy
  14. im back at home for summer and my mom wanted to know if there was anything she should pick up b4 she gets home and i was like fruit! and i told her exotic shit she probably knows im baked :!

  15. do they give you the "SKiuhhsss sss"
  16. Exactly my man
  17. HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!? does that same shit happen to you? i fucking hate it omg..... btw i love all fruit. if it were manifested as a beautiful woman, o the things i would do to her....
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    whos down to smoke some banana peels :].

    i do find fruit, and ICE CREAM!!!!!!! to be so mcuh better whehn really baked, trippin on verious substances, and just regularly.

    cool thread, bro!

    p.s. kool-aids good too :]

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