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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smokinchick83, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've ended up on this site lots of time and decided to finally join up. Y'all are already helping me out on my question. So, just saying hi from Texas and feel free to message me whenever.:smoke:
  2. EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN THAT TX!!! Just curious where you from, im chiling in the corpitos! EVer heard of it. Little town? :eek:

  3. I'm in Houston. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Corpitos. Where is it? There are SOOOOO many small towns here in TX huh?
  4. Welcome to the GC! I'm pretty new here myself so It's nice to see a fresh face.

    I'm from Texas too, a little town down south called Ingleside, near Corpus Christi.
  5. i know where is houston is :D
  6. I've heard of Ingleside but I haven't ever been there. I don't think that I've even been to Corpus yet which is sad because I'm from here.
  7. im from houston too! i just join like a couple of days ago , so im still new to all of this.
  8. Hey good to have another new Texan on. I just joined as well. Im from up further north in TX. Bout a hundred and twenty miles from the Dirty D Dallas!
  9. What up what up. Everybody holding down for the TX come throw a shout out. lol nice to meet everyone.

  10. Hey Houston to Houston
  11. It's been a long time since I've seen Dallas
  12. San Marcos Chillin here, welcome to GC!

    just curious but have you ever heard of Nederland/Port Arthur(Hour & 1/2 from Htown)? Twas where I was raised...
    And Since I never get to say this any other time How about this weather!? All over TX it's going from 85 to 40 to 70 to 30..
  13. hate to burst your bubble but texas aint the south, it very very similar. ive lived in texas florida(north florida if you cant tell, its not really like florida more like southern GA) and alabama. (war eagle), like i said its similar but its just not quite like the real south. i love texas and our ranch we still have out there,but auburn alabama is the heart of dixie and its def different then texas. alot of restaurants ive been in in texas dont have sweet tea, they tell you to add sugar which isnt the same. and as sad as it is and im not proud of this in any way yall dont have the racism we had in alabama and to some extent florida. and maybe somewhere yall have it but i never saw the spanish moss in the trees. listen to the eagles song, 7 bridges road. but yall do have better Dr Pepper from that plant in dublin, still using that sugarcane sugar. and on a unrelated note yall dont have a team from texas in the SEC, best conference in college football. (the real south breeds big mean football players, yall just cant compete).
  14. Youve made my work easy, Im so so proud Texas ISNT part of "The South" I just wish MORE people knew it, Christ everyone but "The South" wonders why anybody would want to be a part of "The South."
    I would say Texas is basically it's own freaking country down here and I dont know what you would call our culture but It's difficult to group us with another state down here..unless you include Mexico haha.
  15. HATERS!!! lol ya i know texas ant shit. but im blown leave me alone :D
  16. Not really FROM Dallas, but i AINT too far away....I live out in a one horse town a hop skip and a jump away. I just have to make the trip into the Dirty D to get that good good. You should come up this direction more often, much more peaceful than that rat race of a city called H Town, altho H Town does have its upsides. What part of Houston ya from? Got some homies down in Friendswood.

    On that other subject, TX is pretty damn far south. We got our own accent, Tex-Mex food, the hottest women in the US, good ass green with the climate to put on a hellacious grow, oh and hot women again......basically our own damn culture! Oh, but fuck the TX cops!!!! Did i mention Ive never been to another state besides Cali that even compares in terms of beautiful ladies? LOL:D
  17. go to an SEC school, one of the real ones like UF, Auburn, GA, Ole Miss, and to some extent LSU. i was lucky enough to go to an SEC school, and it made me wonder where fat chicks went to school cause it sure as hell wasent there.
  18. welcome to the city
  19. I'm down in Friendswood, looking for a hook-up at the moment but I have a buddy in Houston that I'm gonna call tomorrow and hopefully he can help me out.
  20. Welcome to the forums! It's great to have you here :)

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