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Fresh cut grass? WTF gimme my money back

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by quankadank, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. OK listen to this.

    a old friend in high school baseball called me today and told me he had some weed so i told him to give me a dub.
    so he gets here at my house and drops it off to me and tells me im going to be calling him back for more its good shit.
    i bring it inside and start to look at it and shit, first thing i recongnize is it looks real stringy and leafy, it also smells like fresh cut grass.
    so right then i thought he bullshitted me so i call him back tell him to come back. he shows up, i had just got back from the store from buying rilo's. i hop in his car inf ront of my drive way, hand him a rilo, the weed i bought and told him to roll it and lets smoke one. and i made sure my 92 biretta was right there on my we smoke and i got pretty high which is weird.
    I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before?
    it was a BB GUN. modeled after a 92 biretta haha. but they didnt know, i told them after wards and they wanted to know where i got it from and shit haha..
    anyways, let me know.
  2. fresh grass clippings or just bud thats really fresh?
  3. lol it looked like fresh weed eated weeds. with the weed look to it kinda.

    and smelled like fresh cut regular grass.
    and had no seeds in it at all. and its not dro or anything.

    i just bought some swag for my ride up to nacogdoches to chill and pick up some chronic. lo
  4. I dont get thought it was grass and you smoked it anyway?
  5. I made them smoke it with me cause they swore it was weed. these are people i know not just some random dudes.
    and i didnt think it was.
    it was some kind of home grown shit. its good im high, but it just doesnt have the look or smell like bud. nore does it have seeds in it.

    its weird. i know
  6. haha well good idea to make them smoke it
  7. sand in my vagina?
  8. [​IMG]
    did it look like that?
  9. could just be some sativa with tiny nugs thats more leafy and stemmy then actual bud... i know pure power plant comes to mind
  10. fuck yeah lol.
    i thought it was funny to.
    but its straight its weed.
  11. i believe this thread has epic fail
  12. I know what it is.... down here we called it hippy weed...but thats because all old hippie grew his own, one of my friends knew him.... He took all the leaves and ground them up and sold it... It smelled fresh, tasted weird but like swag...made me reaal sleeepy but s00peeer hIGh....I was told that the plants were beyond belief, thats why the leaves even got us high. could be wrong, but it dont thinks so
  13. Wait so you bought what looked like grass clippings off your friend and then called him back and sparked him up on it? I dont understand the logic in this one
  14. i think i understand his logic....but maybe not....

    he made them smoke with him to see if it was real? because you figure if its not real they aren't gonna want to smoke it?

    am i close?
  15. And you had a fake gun on your lap.

  16. was in really stringy uncured bud?
  17. that sir, has epic fail written all over it
  18. I bet you felt like a complete tool with a fake gun...

  19. the weed you usually buy has seeds in it ?
  20. wow no one has answered this? its the bud not being cured. when the bud comes right off the plant it smells like hay but once it is cured in jars for about 2 weeks, the hay smell goes away. right now, i have about 5 grams of freshly picked tester buds and they smell like grass and hay mixed together. during this curing period the bud gains a bit of potency when the chlorophyll breaks down. so if you can cure it for 2 weeks or so, the bud will smell normal and no more hay scent.

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