Fresh air is cooling down grow room

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  1. I am growing in a 10 x 10 bedroom I have a Diablo and also a 400 W LED both in the room I have recently purchased AC infinity 10 inch in-line fan and I am drawing air in through attic vent I live in a cold-weather climate the air I pull in is approximately 30° And it cools the grow room I put in a greenhouse heater but it draws 16 A and hast to almost run continually to keep room at 72° a did purchase charcoal filter can I just pull air through filter and then exhaust fan out or do I need fresh air supply
  2. You need / want some fresh air but it doesn't need to be howling freezing cold air in huge amounts to the point your running an aux heater. Throttle that fan way down and even limit it to 1 or 3 minutes an hour. The lights alone should be enough to keep the room at semi tropical temps. Historically large air volumes were to combat the high heat from the old school Low pressure Sodium lamps they used.

  3. consider getting an old HPS light that offers free heating its what I do use the hps in cooler weather
    or perhaps a small 4x2 or 4x4 to contain both heat and light

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    I live in a very cool/ cold and arid part of the country, so what I’m gonna lay down won’t work elsewhere.
    Of the four flowering rooms that my facility operates, only two have AC. And those two are only small window units from my hobby growing days. I run a mix of lighting, mostly single ended air cooled 1k watt HID and some DE 600w CMH and HPS. Yes… I have a few obligatory LEDs that I am moderately impressed with.
    I run less than 9k of wattage in the rooms and only rely on passive cooling from large volume intake and exhaust fans connected to basic thermostats and timers. It works just fine and i didn’t have to spend the 60k to get any AC installed, or pay for the additional power to operate them.
    One of the younger, and already more jaded blades once told me “ a commercial grow without AC just reeks of amateur hour”.
    That guys is out of business now, couldn’t make ends meet.
    To the OP, be careful of letting that arctic air directly into/ onto your room or plants. They won’t like it. Try to create a “ lung room” that allows the outside air to warm slightly before it enters the room.
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  5. “ a commercial grow without AC just reeks of amateur hour”. lol thats funny
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  6. Turn down the speed on your fans.
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  7. I install flooring and have access to 12 foot long cardboard tubes I was thinking I could lay them out in adjacent bedroom and with some elbows could pull the air through 50 to 75 feet before it is drawn into grow room? Also is HPS that much better than LED ? I had no experience growing and thought the technology had caught up . I had no idea how hard it is to grow top shelf product. but I am definitely hooked now it won’t give up until I produce the best thanks for your feedback I’ll have to admit it’s hard for me to wrap a head around all that you are saying. I wish I would’ve spent the last 30 years learning how to grow instead of selling.
    Thanks for the feedback man. Also I leaning towards indica , still going with the auto flowers but trying my luck with heavy indica strains , Being a former heroin addict I’m really looking to get knocked down or couch locked as they say what do you recommend . Do you have a favorite?
  8. Idk about the cardboard tubing, but can you vent air from outside into a larger room adjacent to the grow room and pull air into the grow room from there? Use the 10” inlinebfan as an intake fan and put it on a digital thermostat ?
  10. Ok thanks man I was over thinking again.
  11. I do that ALLLL the time!
  13. You’re exactly right and I’ve been struggling only into my second year put a bunch of auto flowers out last summer and learned quite a bit suddenly realizing that I am still smoking in my house and nicotine Circulating through my HVAC is probably one of the reasons the girls have been struggling . So take my dumb ass outside thanks brother
  14. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

    These hit more like a 4 way tab of Acid but you might find them interesting as they do come with a very large HAMMER ! Several additional heat / freeze cycles make them progressively more sleep inducing / Couch lock.

    Works with Bud dust it just takes about 4x the amount that the Hash-Kief does. Strains don't seem to matter much done this way. It is ALL good.


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