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fresca = incredible

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokedatchronic, May 28, 2009.

  1. i have found the perfect combination for the ultimate weed experience. put fresca in your bong instead of water. its a little fruity but mostly water. then have an ice catcher to chill the hit. it could possilbly be the greatest thing you ever do ever
  2. i love fresca, but i hate sticky bongs. And i hate cleaning bongs.

    Ill just drink it after a nice hit.
  3. to each his own... I for one cannot stand Fresca, theirs just not enough UMFF if u catch my flow
  4. i know what you mean by umff.. i hate the umff in drinks. I water down cranberry juice and stuff cause i think its too sugary or too strong..

    If there is chocolate milk in my fridge that is premade at the grocery store (like pet chocolate milk or something) i will add some regular milk in there to get a nice in between chocolateness.

    Sort of weird i guess. I can drink it normal, it doesnt bother me, i just prefer it that way.
  5. yea cleanin the bong is annoying especially if its sticky. thats something i wouldnt do but hey if its what ya like keep on doin it man!
  6. i love fresca.
  7. redbull is so much better, and so worth having to clean out

    try it

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