Frequent DEA raids out of hatred

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  1. About a year ago my family moved into my grandparents house which is connected by a driveway to my uncles, where he legally grows marijuana for medical reasons. He has a past with marijuana cultivating, and was sent to prison for 9 years. The leader of a DEA task force framed him one time, but he was fired and sent to prison. Since we've moved in they have raided his house 3 times. They have bashed in 4 gates, thrown flash grenades, and destroyed property. They have came on our property twice with no warrants, and have spied on our house on our property. It's the same people every time who come, and the leader has a grudge on my uncle. The most recent raid was this morning, at about 11:00. They busted in my uncles gate and then cut the chain on our gate and left by our driveway (I got it all on video). I am sick of them getting away with his harassment.
  2. Sucks to hear that man. I dont know if theres anything that can be done though. Personally I think the DEA should stop worrying about weed and crack down on the hard drugs that are actually doing damage to society
  3. post the videos, and maybe you guys should stop growing then... I mean.. lol if it happend more than one time I'm pretty sure I'd stop..
  4. Yeah, but if you stop then your giving in to their bullying. One day this pointless war will end
  5. and I would post the video, but I'm on my iPod because they're tapping into our computers and phones.
  6. So what?
    post the vid man, I have a hard time believing that shit. Prove me wrong and post it tho.
  7. You don't have to believe me. I just came on here to share my story, and see if others are getting the same treatment. I want to post the video, but I'm sure my uncle would not appreciate me posting videos of his house being raided. It's for court evidence, and only that. I have no reason to make a fake claim on here.
  8. This is not the place to come and get emotional support. Your story is way out of proportion to any others i have heard. You are probably not in a mmj state and haven't paid taxes in years. Just a the vids and we can all be wrong.
  9. Post vid. Now if i was your uncle or you, i would harvest those plants and stop growing for a long time so the DEA think you've stopped (i mean they aren't very intelligent as it is) then slowly start back up again. Might work, might not. Maybe you could get a lawyer and sue them for something, like deglegent property damage or some shit. Either way, maybe when we default they'll stop being funded. Good luck man.
  10. I dont need or want emotional support. I just wanted to see if others are being treated unfairly by the DEA. I live in Michigan, which is a legal state. They come once every month or so, and it's not as easy as just not growing. They've followed him for years. I will post the video of them cutting the chain on my gate and using our driveway illegally when I can. It won't let me attach the video from my iPod.
  11. [​IMG]

    right... OP whatever you say, your stories full of holes.
  12. post that fukin video and exploit those fuckers. i hate those gay fags who think they can take advantage of us because we smoke a plant that people consider bad... i wish one day your waiting in the bushes outside with a bat and can end those fuckers life when they try to mess with your property....
  13. 1. arm yourself
    2. buy dogs, train them to attack
    3. put up no trespassing signs
    4. Ruby ridge #2

  14. You do realize michigan being legal has nothing to do with the DEA, even if Michigan was FULLY legal, not just mmj, the feds would still have rule.

    You are all going to end up getting in trouble if the growing doesnt stop, they are feds, and can, and will arrest, and charge any and everyone they want to who breaks federal law.... and thats just how this whack ass backwards place works man...

    You filmed them performing a federal raid, wont do anything in court.... they are feds, your uncle is breaking federal law, im sorry to burst the bubble, but thats just how it is man... it sucks

  15. After all the videos or raids coming out, here is what i predict would happen if the OP did this

    Dogs get shot, whoever is holding a gun, gets shot, those signs dont mean shit to feds, and nothing would change lol
  16. Sad but true.
  17. yea, im not trying to be a buzzkill, but with all this mmj popping up people feel some sort of power over the federal government, which it is still quite the exact opposite. They can and will fuck you in the ass, and they do it with extremely sloppy efficiency unfortunately
  18. all I will say is your next moves need to be smart ones OP....

    The DEA always be tryin to raid my house cuz they see me living life in the fast lane :cool:
  19. since when are facts a buzzkill?
    I'm very buzzed & still feeling fine:smoking:

    Reality is a prison......Your mind can set you free.
  20. I know, but one day it will be legal federally. Michigan law protects my uncle because he has permission to grow and caretake to peole with medical conditions. They can pull the plants as many times they want, but they cannot send him to jail.

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