French Toast sticks

Discussion in 'General' started by Chill398, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. So I was just thinking to myself how much i love french toast sticks. I swear to god after i get high I could proably eat over 100 french toast sticks. So anyways anyone ever heard of a french toast stick eating contest anywhere? I would like to eat a 100 french toast sticks but that would probably be wierd if i was just sitting around for 2 hours on my day off eating french toast sticks. Thats why im looking for a french toast stick eating contest of some sort. And also to win stuff, thats always good.

    So whats are you're feelings on french toast sticks.
  2. I'm down with some french toast sticks fo real.
  3. damnit now im hungry for french toast and maple syrup :smoking:
  4. damn i am so high right now and i just read this thread and i got the munchies hardcore! i could definitely go for burgerking french toast sticks right now!:smoking:
  5. yeah man from sonic! those bitches are satisfying
  6. those never get you full but so good
  7. Jack In The Box French Toast Sticks > ____________

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