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freinds being total assholes while high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by msoker, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. so do anybody else have freinds who tend to be dicks while?
  2. Yea I use to have a friend who would like punch me or just be a total dick about stupid shit but I put a stop to that pretty fast after I let him know not to fuck with me.. Such a buzzkill though
  3. I tend to judge people on TV when I'm high... but no I don't just go around being a dick

    I don't hang around dicks either what would be the point of that :confused:
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    Almost everyone I've smoked with were pretty chill. However, I still prefer smoking alone by a mile.
  5. My one friend is a fucking retard while high and I just want him to gtfo.
  6. My stoner group is chill as balls when we are all together. I usually smoke alone tho (lately)

  7. word. smoking alone is tha shit, but smoking with friends is good every once in a while.
  8. Well in my usual group of toking buddies this one kid who is very giving he likes to buy a bunch of alcohal and weed for everyone else to have a good time. Like he will only drink a beer or two and give the rest away or buy weed n let everyone else smoke.But he always trys to be funny about 90% of what he says and sometimes he gets real personal he always tells people not to take offense but sometimes he goes to far
  9. My best friend and I shit on each other and laugh about it when we smoke. She's such an ass when we smoke hahah

  10. What the fuck? You shit on her?
  11. This one guy turns into hardcore racist when high, it's not fun.
  12. man if anyone is a total asshole they get kicked out the sesh.
  13. The group I smoke in is really cool, but there's this one guy who tags along sometimes who is such a douche. The problem is he can't hit a bong to save his life, so we're pretty blazed and he's completely sober, and he's trying to roll a joint, but his rolling is honestly some of the worst I've seen, I can't really criticise but I practiced my rolling, and actually learnt to roll, while he just acts like he's going to roll the worlds best joint, then fucks it up completely, then passes it to me and expects me to roll it, then takes all the credit for it. All while trying to make my friend paranoid and take embarrassing photos of him to fuck with him later. Really wish he'd notice we try to get away without him now /rant
  14. My best friend would do a fake Bostonian accent that would slip into an exaggerated southern accent when very high; as in he did it once, someone chuckled, and he did it for his first 3 or 4 times getting high, before he eventually leveled out and had a good time.
  15. My friends have been assholes lately too dude. It sucks, but maybe its just a phase. They never used to be like this. You should talk to them about it, and see what they say.
  16. Yea same with me too dude, ive started to smoke alone lately due to my group seeming to change. Lol i see you got 510 in your name also, im in the oakland area aswell
  17. They can be dicks but whatever don't really care

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