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Freezing weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Aksureshot, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. K so one guy tells me keep weed in the freezer if you want it to last for a long time without drying out or anything. But then another guy told me that if you freeze it, the thc falls off in the bag.
    Who do I believe?
  2. believe in the mason jar
  3. just get a mason jar. $2 at Wal Mart
  4. Yes, putting it in the freezer will make it so the crystals can fall off easily. Good for people making hash. But unless your messing with the bag a lot that isn't going to happen.

    Liveitupnow is right though.
  5. If you're going to put it in a mason jar... Don't do anything stupid like putting it in hot water to unfreeze the lid or some shit. It'll shatter.

    You can get the weed crystals to fall off easier? o_O that sounds fucking epic. It's practically instant kief.... Going to try that.
  6. Yeah, it does make it so the trichomes fall off easily. I don't believe it would do anything to potency though. I don't suggest it unless you are making hash or edibles. Like other's have said, use a mason jar with a fresh seal.
  7. Not only does it make the trichs susceptible to falling off, it also ruptures the cell walls of the plant matter.
  8. ive answered this question alot this week! store in a airtight container (mason jar) in a dark cool place away from light heat and air. ( I store mine in my cellar).
  9. Trazy is right. Keep it airtight and away from UV in a cool spot. I keep mine in the closet. I did keep stuff in the fridge before but it made the bud all messed up, which I'm assuming is from the humidity changes
  10. Pill bottle or Mason Jar never failed me.

    I wouldn't dare put my precious green in the freezer
  11. how much are u trying to freeze?
    i just smoked some bubbkakush from about a year ago
    i store in dark cool place in a mason jar
    after a year the bud was still perfect.............
  12. Dude, why the fuck does it matter, if you think it's unintelligent then stick with your belief.
  13. Matters cause he wants to know before he experiments.
    Right! One thing though, if your cellar is damp or humid I wouldn't store it there.

    Option 1: Keep at room temp in mason jar away from light
    Option 2: Keep in freezer in mason jar (make sure bud is dry, moisture will decrease potency or ruin bud)

    If you freeze it, let it thaw fully at room temp (can smoke frozen if need be). NO speeding the process as someone said.

    Living somewhere like Flordia you'll want to freeze a large amount to prevent mold.
    Small amounts that will last a week don't need to be froze.
  14. Ok well I was asking because I live in a place where it is substantially below freezing outside. I already keep it in mason jars, a couple O's. Thanks for answering the question though
  15. i disagree about the temperature and cellar conditions i think its ideal but thats just my opinion.
  16. Like I said it depends if the cellar is dry.
    Why would you store it in a moist/humid room? Bud can go moldy. Also it counter products curing.
  17. I left my weed in my walk in closet, last night it was below zero out and the temperature in my closet had to be below freezing, I took it out of closet this morning. My question is how long will it take to thaw out at room temperature????

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  18. One more question, the batteries in my scale died on me, when I replace the batteries does the scale need to be recalibrated????

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  19. I keep mine in a mason jar with a 62% boveda pack. It'll keep your bud fresh for a long time. As long as your bud is dry when you put it in, that's the best way I've found to keep it fresh.
  20. Never freeze it if you plan to smoke it. Cool dark dry place. Jar is good. I tend to put mine in a bag after jarring for about 5 weeks after harvest. Taste is better. Could just be me, but that my jig.

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