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Freezing weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frogskinshoelac, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Im buying an ounce of mids next week, and Id like it to last me till about December. Should I take half of it and freeze it? Or will it keep fine in a jar?
  2. if the jar is airtight, it should be just fine.
  3. As long as it has been properly dries it will keep almost indefiniatly in an airtight container. it's 99% guaranteed. Though if you want 99.999999821 (warning stats may be made up) then freezing it is the way to go.

    Hope this helped

  4. Get more nug, you're gonna be surprised at how fast that O runs out.

    It'll be fine in a jar till December, get a Mason jar with the rubber seal/screw on cap.
  5. Well, a half O usually lasts me about 2 months at a bowl a day, 1 month on a few smokes a day. Then again once I get the O, Ill feel like smoking a lot because I have so much, realistically it should last me till sometime in November, but Im probably going to buy a quarter of fire to smoke occasionally.

    Sometimes when I smoke though, I forget to put the weed back in the jar and it sits out and open all night.

  6. Leaving your bud out will never make it unsmokable, just don't make a habit out of it or you're gonna be coughing a lot! :)

    A quality mason/stash jar would be a wise investment. Freezing it isn't a bad option or anything, but it's not really necessary.
  7. I guess I wont freeze it then. Ill just take half of it, put it in a jar, and put it deep away. Ill keep the other half handy for daily smoking.

    Getting an O of quality mids for 150, great deal. My best friend has hooked me up with half O's a few times without marking up the price. Cant wait to end my T break.
  8. Get some dank man.
  9. mids are for kids

  10. HAHA its funny because its true!:hello:
  11. the jar lol
  12. I cant afford to buy an O of fire to smoke daily. Thats why Im buying the O of mids, and a Q of fire.

    I dont mind mids, they get me plenty high.
  13. A bowl a day of mids? That seems pretty pointless, like spending $150 to get very slightly high for like an hour every day for four months. Get like 10 or so grams of dank and make it last a month or two, I'm sure you'll have more fun.
  14. Y is everyone always hatin on mids?

    Not everyone got 400 to throw around lol. Plus the mids I get are very very very high end, and will get me sufficiently high for pretty long. Also, mids are very good for cooking... which is what I usually use half of mine for.

    Show love for ALL of Mary Jane, and stop hatin.
  15. #15 frogskinshoelac, Aug 14, 2010
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    I can get high for a good 2 hours off a bowl of mids. I may need a hit or two at some point after an hour but then Im good.

    I would obviously prefer dank but thats just so expensive to be buying in large quanity. Id rather just buy a Q of it and smoke it occasionally.
  16. nothing wrong with mids.

    we each smoke what we can afford. congrats on having money, just remember not everyone does.
  17. It'll be fine in a jar in a cool dark place.

    Statements like that are almost always from kids. Seriously.
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  18. around here theres a crudload of competition for mids, a gram per 5$ is the general price but i usualy get hooked up a little fatter, and the buds have visable trich's

    Headies on the other hand is 100$ a quarter....

    much more worth it to just buy mids.. and grow dank.

  19. it was a joke big guy
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  20. Yet you see how many people agreed and even took it a step further?

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