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Freezing weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thecotter, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. i usualy smoke every day so i never really had a reason to save weed for a long time at the most a week, i usualy just orange peel it. people have suggested freezing it, will it be all right when it defrosts? I know vacume packing it works...but this is something id like to try.
  2. a friend of mine stores hers in the freezer, she sticks it in two bags and kinda folds it and pops it in there.. seems to work fine, the weed isnt even that cold. I just pull it out, break it up and smoke it.
  3. Keep it in an air tight form of storage. Freezers usually have funky smells/tastes they can impart on your weed. But yes, freezing is a good long term storage method.
  4. Just put it into mason jars, and stick it in the freezer, or fridge. both work fine.
  5. i keep my current bud that i'm smoking in a double baggie in the freezer, while the rest of the stash is stored longer term in vacuumed mason jars in the fridge. so far it's worked great....
  6. If you really wanna keep weed fresh for a long time buy a cryo-vac machine. You have to buy special bags for it (which are expensive). The machine just sucks the air out and heat seals it. It'll keep your ganj fresh for years.
  7. it does keep it fresher, it also adds moisture to the buds. its really good if youre selling weed cuz you can throw 24 grams into the freezer, and itll probably turn inti 28. otherwise, ive never done it. i like my weed BONE dry in the pipe or bong, i just leave my bags open or my buds outside in the sun when i get a big bag.

    the reason why everyone likes it so much is beacuse not only is your bud not losing weight, its also gaining it (which means money!! 10$ for a gram of moisture:() usually when people stash their weed in their house, it dries and loses weight. in the freezer it gains weight though.

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