Freezing weather FAST REPLYS !

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  1. Alrite so its suppose to get to close to freezing tonight and i have 4 plants outside and im thinking if i should cover them up with a bucket or sum shit ? Any ideas ? Its getting pretty cold outside already and its 9:40pm rite at the moment so i need FAST replys of what i should do to protect them. 1 plant is about to be 2months old in about 5more days and the rest are almost a month old. could they survive the weather ? its suppose 2 be around 42 degrees tonight and I ain't taking chances of them dieing or w.e could happen.
  2. They'll be fine aslong as it doesn't get to 32 degrees. Although growth will diminish for few days until they warm up again. Established weed plants can survive a freak frost 95% of the time.
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    I have a portable heater with an extension cord. I don't know if you care that much and wanna go out and buy one but last year I got mold because of cold/damp weather at night. Be careful

    EDIT or keep them inside for the night

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