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  1. Hey guys. My cannabis plant is about a month old. In the soil, I have noticed multiple Fungus Gnats and I am pretty sure that they have laid eggs. I have ordered GNatrol on Ebay (unable to find locally), but it should arrive in about 20-30 days.. By then my plants will be dead. So I was thinking: If I put my plants in the freezer for about an hour, will it kill the Gnats?
    I am going to try to put my plants in the freezer to see. I am sure it will kill the Gnats and the plant will be fine after. There will probably be a thermal shock, but I am sure my plants will survive.

    No matter what you guys say about this being stupid/crazy, I am going to try it and either reply with a success story or a failure story. I am not sure if this has been attempted. Post your opinions below.
  2. Yea put them in the freezer. Take them out, throw dead plants in the trash can and replant

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  3. I honestly don't think that they will die, to be honest. Some people in colder areas, like the UK get cold nights and their plants can survive. I know someone in Finland who grew 3 plants outside, and one night it hit -1 degrees C. Plants all survived.
  4. Give it a try for one hour in the freezer and let us know lol

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  5. Will do. My freezer is set at 5 degrees C. All I can think of is that the plant will slow down metabolism. But for 1 hour, it will not die. But you know, I have no choice left. Hydrogen Peroxide didn't kill the Gnats, and those things will kill my plant if I don't kill them first. So that is why I have resorted to this method.
  6. I live in Colorado and I can tell you from experience cannabis does NOT deal with sub freezing temps for any length of time. Curious to hear how it goes

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  7. I am not putting it colder than the freezing point of water. It is at 5 degrees C. That is about 41 degrees F.
  8. Bout 32 f in my world. 41 they will do fine for a bit. Put em in the freezer at freezing temps and they are done lol

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  9. You sure seem certain that it will solve your problem.. (it won't)
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  10. Bad idea, freezing will burst the plant's cells and cause permanent damage. I know they ship cuttings cold to stay fresh but not to the point where they freeze.
  11. Update - I have changed the time to 40 minutes and have removed them from the freezer now. They are in my grow tent sitting at 22 degrees C. For one of the plants, I have noticed 2 leaves drooping. I will update you guys in about 2 hours. If the plants are dead, they will most likely be drooping by then. But I am sure all of them survived.

    As far as the Fungus Gnats go, I have spotted only 1 in the soil. The rest seem to be dead. And I hope that there are no Larvae's in there now.

    Again, Ill update again in 2 hours.
  12. You will only hinder your plants growth, may even kill it. You won't kill any of the larvae in the soil. So you'll just end up with more gnats as soon as it warms up again. Not to mention all the other problems from going to cold, wet, hot, and soggy.
  13. Agreed, I'm not sure how long they can survive while hibernating but ticks and their larvae can survive up to 10 days in freezing weather. I assume gnats can survive 40 minutes fairly easily.
  14. Wow wtf would you put it in the freezer, not gonna solve nothing.... Should have just bought a pack of sticky fly traps and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Set traps, mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 4 parts water. Then water until the top soil is drenched. Would have diminished a high percent of the population. And repeat the process in a few days when pots dry up.

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  15. 100% right. Can also use about 2/3 of a tablespoon per gallon of water for the plant itself and to spray around the pot/drainage tray, etc.
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  16. Also, instead of buying the traps, you can take some orange or yellow paper and smear a very light layer of Vaseline on it. Works just as well as store bought traps.
  17. The bugs may be able to stand freezing......there tough little basterds.....took me all day to kill 1000 gnats on i cut...

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