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freezing pieces

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MadHatter11, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. As some of you may know(especially the glass blowers), when glass changes temperatures to fast it shatters due to the atoms moving around to rapidly.(I may be wrong).
    EX: putting a warm wine bottle in the freezer, it will shatter
    My question is: Will freezing a piece and then immediatly smoking out of it(heat coming from lighter) crack/shatter the glass?

    I've heard of people doing this but never knew the temperature and/or the amount of time out of the freezer

    If any stories please tell
  2. yes it probably would break. i know there are some bongs that are specifically designed to be able to be put in the freezer for a little while, but if it's just standard glass then youre probably taking a risk by doing it. i can't imagine it would really cool down the smoke THAT much anyway.
  3. my experience with this comes from usually leaving my piece in the car. i have a little goggle bag i put it in but during winter its still cold balls.

    in the mornings when i would go out to my car and smoke a bowl nothing bad ever happened from the fast switch between hot and cold. it wasnt a freezer but the piece was frozen ass cold. usually i would just roll it around in my hands a few times and try to get some of the frost and shit to go away, but i never had it crack or anything

    it just got me really high

    HOWEVER i would still be very cautious, maybe i just got lucky or the brief second you tap the lighter to the bowl wasnt long enough for the heat to effect it............................idk
  4. its not worth it
  5. my mind was not set to do it but was just interseted
  6. Pyrex was specifically designed to resist temperature changes, that's why you can go from 'freezer to oven'.

    Glass technology is amazing.
  7. o i love freezing pieces. i have a 1 1/2 foot bong we freeze all the time and nothing happens. But be warned the glass on the piece is 9mm thick which is extremly thick, ive never tried with a really thin piece. And if u have a glass on glass connection take out the bowl because it will freeze them together
  8. yes, pyrex glass is really resistant to damage.

    pyrex is used in school and laboratory equiptment because of its amazing strength.

  9. i don't believe this is an accurate statement.

    pyrex glass can handle a very broad range of temperatures, and rapid temperature changes, but i don't believe that its that much more durable than non-pyrex
  10. to every man their own...
  11. No, I think science is universal :D
  12. I've put my piece in the freezer many times. Super smooth hits.

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