Freezing nutrient solution into ice cubes

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by WhiteGuy88, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Has anybody thought about making up your nutrient solution and than freezing it and putting the ice cubes on top of your medium to feed your plants while in flower?

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  2. a noobie method to service plants whilst the grower is on vacation with mom and pop

    however it that be frozen crushed walnut chocolate with creme and 3mg oil, thats a winner
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  3. Would it help bring out the colors in the flowers? Or help produce more trichomes

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  4. if you had a reason to use the ice tray perhaps it would work
    the biggest issue is cold ice melting on the soil surface
    as roots retract as you would your hand
    and nute burn but depending on the volume of nute

    but in truth making it fresh means you get to add valuable air to the water nute mix
    in fact the best way to apply nute(IMO) or water is with a garden 'wand' for the same reason

    sorry it won't bring out colors or bigger trics

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  5. It wouldnt get nutrients evenly distributes in the container. Nutes would be concentrated below the ice cube.
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