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freezing my pipes and bubblers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by L3TSG3TFAD3D, May 27, 2010.

  1. I've heard way conflicting things about freezing pipes? i have a pretty solid thick double-wall glass pipe and two bubblers that i've always wanted to there to freeze for smoother hits but i've been warned about them cracking...

    Any advice?
  2. i would never do it to one of my peices. sitting them in the freezer wont make them crack but as soon as you mix the heat from the lighter its very likely to crack. Not a myth by any means. extreme cold and extreme heat dont mix
  3. It might not crack the first couple times, but going from cold to hot as quick as hitting a frozen piece would will weaken your glass a lot just from the glass expanding.
  4. Yes. Doesn't really matter how thick it is - that will only make a difference in whether or not it shatter outright when you crack it. The rapid expansion cause by increasing the temperature of your glass is not good for it. The pipes can handle a certain change in temperature threshold, but beyond that they are liable to crack.
  5. i recommend getting a bong that holds ice
  6. sorry guys i forgot to mention i've been told to leave them in the frig for like 15 minutes also cooling water down and filling my bubblers with it
  7. if you REALLY wanna do it, use your cheapest piece, not all of them. i still dont recommend it.
  8. There are pieces that are meant to be used that way with a different glass that can handle cold too hot rapidly. Pyrex is one such glass but i doubt thats the only kind that is used that way?
  9. ^
    Says it all...
  10. yeah man I really wouldn't do that... if you want something smooth to hit with I suggest you get a nice bong with a perk or two and put some ice on top of that. the hits are so smooth you'll just keep ripping until you're somewhere in outerspaceee

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