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Freezing bud before grinding = more kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Jugador, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So, as you all know when you freeze bud it becomes more brittle, this would mean the little THC crystals would come off easier?

    Say I go and freeze some nugs for 20 minutes, then try to grind them. Would I have MORE in my kief screen than if I had just ground them up without freezing them?
  2. I guess so, but then the actual bud would have less thc, so you wouldn't get as high? idk if that made any sense im kinda high right now lol
  3. Thats not a bad idea. Idk tho...never tried that. I doubt freezing weed would damage the properties of the THC so it would be worth a try..
  4. But the more kief I have, the higher I CAN get.

    And this isn't really new, freezing bud is required when making QWISO hash!
  5. Also I believe you put a nickel in it
    and tap your grinder when your done grinding it works wonders
  6. Hmm, better make sure it's clean nickel then

    Gonna try those together, hopefully going to be rolling in kief soon!!
  7. I have done this and the kief in bottom got frozen n thawed over and over n its gone all conoressed n sticky
    gonna press it niw
  8. Meh, sounds like stealing from peter to pay paul. Makes no sense to me but whatever floats your boat.

  9. Yes, with out a doubt, cooling a substance makes it brittle, therefore more prone to breaking off.
  10. THere is a topic in Edibles about an unusual method of making green dragon by freezing bud.
  11. #11 Dro man, Jan 17, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 17, 2016
    works noticeably better doing it this way. Ill get on kicks where i try and collect as much keif as i can fo a little while. I keep a dime sitting in the chamber in my grinder. Grind up the bud then put th whole grinder in freezer. I usually try atleast an hr.

    It gives u a much larger quantity and imo a cleaner product my keif always comes out very light colored when i use this method even nice off white keif depending on strain.
  12. Honestly, I don't understand the purpose of stripping herb off its kief. It makes your herb weaker.
  13. Lmaoo

  14. Yes it actually works extremely well if you want to make hash.

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