Freezing Bread??!?!?!?

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  1. Wtf lol my mom freezes bread so it ruins it if i just set it out and let it thaw i have to toast it. just ate a toasted bologny sandwhich haha thought it was funny
  2. same here sometimes we freeze bread if its gonna sit out too long
  3. Microwave it for 15 seconds. This causes it to thaw. (I'm celiac, all our bread has to be kept frozen)
  4. Pretty much every meal I have involves bread, so I don't have that problem, I go through bread FAST.

    Bread,butter,meat == what I live on.
  5. oh haha yeah im gonna have to try microwaving it
  6. Only when you're high....
  7. Dude, just double your regular toast time, and it comes out perfect. You don't even have to thaw.
  8. I freeze nearly all the bread and rolls i buy so i can save money (i buy thm when thy're a day old, on special etc). I usually toast my bread tho, so dont really have a problem with them.

    I actually think some rolls toast better when theve been frozen first, becuase the entire thing doesnt dry out in the griller like a fresh roll would, but instead gets beutifully toasted on the outside, an moist and fluffy on te inside.

    some shit deffiently shouldnt be frozen tho, like crumpets, they never work the same again :(
  9. Staleness is caused by crystallization of the starch molecules, which occurs faster at colder temperatures.


    Yeah i used to freeze like 30 bagels at a time when this bakery would close up for the night.
  11. Freezing bread is OG. It saves all the fluffy bread yummyness just by being rock hard and cold....

    Microwave for like 15 seconds. If you do for too much the bread will get overly hot then harden... :(
  12. microwaved bread gets all mushy. toasting works better after being frozen.
  13. Hell yeah! Bread,butter,meat = the best.

    My favorite is after I make some steak like Filet Mignon, and you have the left over steak for steak sandwiches.

    Toast the bread, lightly butter and salt it, a slice of cheese and some steak, omg mouth orgasm.
  14. We freeze bread all the time. Usually just have a couple loafs handy. Just gotta remember to take one out when your current loaf is lookin a little low. Its always sad situation when your diggin a sammy and you have no bread.:p

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