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freezing bong permanently bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokytitty, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I keep my bong in an outdoor hiding spot and I know that the freezing weather of the massachusetts winter will make the bong more brittle.

    But i'm wondering if the glass would become permanently more brittle or if it only is more brittle when it is at cold temperatures.
  2. Only when it's cold, because the molecules aren't moving around as much - at least, that is if it's pure glass.

    Personally, wouldn't risk it, though. :p Especially since if it gets too cold, it might crack/break without even being touched, and then warming it up afterwards could have effects too if it goes from cold to hot too quickly.
  3. (in the most extreme situation i could imagine happening to it) Do you think going from 0 degrees to sitting in a room at 70 degrees would be bad?
  4. [quote name='"smokytitty"'](in the most extreme situation i could imagine happening to it) Do you think going from 0 degrees to sitting in a room at 70 degrees would be bad?[/quote]

    That would cause the bong to crack.
  5. I would think it depends on how thick the glass is.
  6. if you chill your bong do not leave water in it that will crack your bong and going from 0 to 70 would be really bad if you dont let the bong heat up vary slowly the best thing to do if you keep your bong outside is to let the sun reheat it during the day then not keep it outside anymore
  7. sorry to be a dick but if you have to keep your bong outside you shouldn't own one.
  8. I actually agree with this person.
  9. ^this is true
  10. the glass is 5mm thick
  11. You can do what ever the hell you want with something you own. You think bc he chooses to keep it outside he automatically looses his 2nd amendment right to bear bongs?
  12. Oh, I also forgot to say, the bong will be in an insulated bong bag, not that that would really keep it that much warmer when it's sitting there all night

  13. That's the most retarded shit I've seen on this site all day.
  14. Thank you, It's not like I'm choosing to keep it out there, that's just what I have to do because my parents would find it anywhere I put it inside.

  15. No, he was just pointing out the fact that if op can't keep a bong where they live maybe they shouldn't have it.
  16. Just pointing out that buying a bong you have to keep outside and probably only use outside, are barely able to clean, it's probably in some haggard ass spot where the insulated bag is sure to grow mold is probably the most retarded shit I have come across on this site. There are plenty of alternatives and I doubt there is absolutely nowhere you could hide the bong from your parents. I'm also sure that this poster is underage because most people over 18 wouldn't have this problem, put themselves in that situation, or have a car to keep it in which is still a dumb spot but better than outside.

    I did say I was going to be a dick in the post.
  17. If I or anyone couldn't keep a bong where they lived but still enjoyed using one I see no reason why you couldn't be flexible and store it outside. You paid for it you can do what ever you'd like with it.
  18. I've kept my bong and bubbler in the car which sits outside in freezing weather, never had an issue myself, and I live in Chicago so it does get pretty cold

    Going from cold to hot quickly could damage, so could hitting it somewhere when its super cold.
  19. Okay thanks for all the assumptions.

    Just to clear up, despite my age, my parents are crazy and controlling. The hiding spot is at the edge of my property, it is hidden very well in an easy to get to but hard to find spot under some boards. It is within a few tied off trash bags. I keep it very clean with rubbing alcohol, besides keeping it outside in a bong bag and trash bags would not make it dirty... Again my parents would be able to find it anywhere including the car (which is a terrible spot for a 20" bong, my father uses the car all the time anyway.) Oh yeah, and fuck you bitch.

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