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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xshoddydubzx, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. should i put my blunt in the freezer overnight, and if so what are the effects on it?
  2. why? my blunts get rolled and smoked...
  3. rofl why the hell would you do that? so it doesnt dry out or somthing? if your tryin to store it till tomarrow then put it in a case or somthing it probably wont even dry out over night....and if you didnt roll it yet why not wait till tomarrow to roll it?
  4. its already rolled, but im asking because i gotta save it for tomorrow, i wish i could just burn it now, but then again i always just could =p
  5. ok so you dont wanna dry it out? im pretty sure you have nothing to worry about but if it does dry out you could boil water and hold ur blunt over it so the steam makes it alittle wet (not sure if itll get your bud wet but this is what you do with a dried out cigar that hasnt been rolled yet) you could put it in a bag for the nice or somthing air tight if your really that worried
  6. nah its fine i just left it locked in my glove box in my car haha

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