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    This is a thread for beginners to rap and freestyling to learn some tips and read some freestyles. And for "expirienced" or for people who know a little something about freestyling to come and give tips and shit. But whether your new or old good or bad post your best freestyles on here an see what people think.

    Heres a rap i just made up.

    Your a fake thug to-you i show no love
    Your notin to me 1,2,3 your just another number in ma killen spree
    If u talk shit then you just prvokin the beast inside me 
    Soon ill explode like nalpam
    Rainnin down on the crazied iraqi and vietnam
    You better pray for god
    But even he dont know
    what im about to unleash on your soul
    My rhyms will tear you to shreds
    Ill spit on you and piss in ya death bed
    One silver bullet straight throught your incompitant ignorant head
    Act like a tough guy now 
    But when its time to put in work 
    your now where to be found
    I push mmortal technique around 
    I am under the under ground

    That took me a couple mins to think up most of it and prob like 20-25 mins to revise and stuff (i no thts not a freestyle but w.e. Haha)

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