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  1. alright this is how you do it i rap then u take it of were i left of from ok lets go:

    Yo yo i smoke weed
    fuck u indeed take
    a puff and wath the
    smoke swril fuck the
    world pot head yes
    indeed fuck the deeds
  2. that\'s it? that\'s all you got? if you put a little more effort into a good freestyle, with some sort of beat, i\'ll make you look WEAK!!
  3. see that tells me u aint from the hoods. In the hoods u dont need a beat. What i was tring to do over here was make a rap circle. Aight

  4. uhh..

    By some sort of beat i\'m referring to the lack of rythm when i read it. i don\'t know how we\'re all gunna rap to a beat over the internet.

    and i didn\'t know you were going for the rap circle effect. when i saw freestyle i immediately assumed it was a battle. cause no, i\'m not from the hood, and we don\'t have rap circles around here, but i lay that shit down when we got some sick beats. i\'ll post later today.
  5. MY TURN...

    Meepmeep meep...
    Meep meepmeepmeep...

    MEEEEEEEP meepmeep...
    Meep meep meep...

    Take it from there...
  6. a rap, a rap, a rap, rap rap
    a rap, a rap, a rap, cat nap!
    Get rappin with it HOOOOO!!
    Get rappin with it HEEEYYYY!!
  7. blocko licks lukes nuts
    and slaps his butt
    makes my upchuck my gut
    what a shmuck
    nah im messing
    don be stressing
    its not you,
    its your mom im addressing
    sittin on my dick
    shes slowly caressing
    with ranch dressing
    nothin else rhymes with essing
    so fuck that syllable
    im unkillable
    you\'re grillable
    rollin stoned through the hood
    i got the goods
    wait i misunderstood..
    im just a piece o white trash
    trying to black
    someone gimme a smack
    go! attack!
    w/e im talkin out my ass
    its brass
    and fulla glass
    oop! theres a joint, puff and pass
    im outta grass
    dry as a nuns box
    slinger\'s outta stock
    he smokes rocks
    look it the clock
    its almost tomorrow.. i need a walk
    seeya later fellas, sry luke sry block(o)
  8. damn that was nice
  9. 2 blunts at the same time
    get to a studio and write some rhymes
    smokin time lets hit the bong
    let our shit go up in smoke like cheech and chong
    watchin athf after we\'ve blazed we get 2 ounces and spark that haze
    we bake out a shed just like killhits
    we bounce back home and cop some zips
    all alone with nothin to smoke im feelin like i need to toke
    so peace out all my stonin friends ill smoke you out inside my six series benz
  10. You don\'t even see me as I roll up top
    With my hand on my pipe, eyes peeled for cops.
    I got a lighter, green, with the safety pried off
    Soon I\'ll be eating pizza like a fucking pig in a trough
    My eyes blaze red as I blaze the green,
    I\'m in another world if you know what I mean
    I\'m just off for a well-deserved vacation
    With my bud and my bong and a little percolation
    Now I\'ve gotta wrap it up like a Black and Mild
    Driving down the street blasting \"Born to be Wild\".
  11. Im gonna really flare this thread up p.s this is just one verse to a song im working on and its definitely not the best one but i dont want people stealing my best shit and making money off of it

    Im writing this 3rd verse
    im nervous i wont finish this ill burst
    i have an extreme thirst to be
    the first rap artist wit certain qualities
    like honesty and being modest
    but honestly i wish i could have met tupac before
    he got shot i stock glocks like collectors items
    run up in my closet and hide em for the cops
    come in and kick down the door gleefully
    my evil is equal to them deceitful people
    who steal your weed just when you got your back turned
    i think that ive earned the right to take a break
    dont mistake my ache for not being broke
    as bad enough to resorting to sell coke
    i aint excactly poor but i aint really rich
    i\'ll kick the shit out of you just for being a bitch
    and poppin shit till yo wrists get slit
    and my soul is cold when im smoking bowls
  12. All these fools dont know how to flow
    cant even open there mouth cause it smells like a sloppy joe
    that name here is Artesia to the B
    but then you got dirty cats such as blocko with HIV
    best believe im not examining your ball with that nasty herpie
    Im not here for the talking of the shit
    but please man, battle me and ill pop you like a pussie zip
    no need to get loud cause were chillin at the city
    they should make a new clan called the big titty committee
    I would like to see some stoner girls post a pic
    but best believe if its a fat chick it will make me sick
    Smoke a blunt and my body feels nice
    im not a cheap ass cop on that wack show called Miami vice
    Right now im not even in L.A., more like a vacation
    next time you post a freestyle get that dick outta your mouth like its marilyn manson masterbation
  13. quote:Originally posted by weeddog
    see that tells me u aint from the hoods. In the hoods u dont need a beat. What i was tring to do over here was make a rap circle. Aight
    yo wat up man i dont usually post and shit but this some funny stuff man.... \"hoods\" man u aint never seen no mathaf*ckin hood boy i bet u live in the suburbs aint never had to worked a day in yo life man u no u real sad boy real sad aint tryin to disrespect or nothin playa but that shit needded to be said
  14. Hehe...

    All this talk about \"beats\" and the the \"hood\" makes me think of West Side Story...
  15. hahahahahaha
  16. heheh alright

    yo yo im adam
    and im rapping real cool
    smoking a big fat joint
    by the pool
    when my bud comes
    says you got a g?
    i said well thats some shit
    just let me see
    so i checked my pockets
    checked my bag
    my buds gettin impatient
    whats this some sort of gag?
    i told him no man
    but ive lost my chron
    i had it before
    but now its totally gone
    so i jumped up
    and i looked around
    i looked on my seat
    i looked on the ground
    and as you can guess
    it was nowhere to be found
    how stoned you gotta be
    to lose a whole pound
    so i thought hey
    i know where we can score
    if you throw some money down
    i could get some more
    from i guy i know
    said he hooks up fat
    now if only i could \'member
    where he was at?
    so i sat down
    thought long and hard
    while buddy waited with me
    playing some cards
    and it hit me
    oh man im dumb
    if they werent stuck too me
    man id lose my thumbs
    i still got my weed
    its right over here
    you see i put it in my cooler
    instead of my beer
    so he pulled out
    a wad of cash
    threw it on the table
    and said i wanna smoke that
    so we sat down
    and before too long
    we smoked the ice cold pound
    straight out of my bong
  17. uhh.. uh uh uh uh wha wha....

    mic check one two... check it

    i\'ll break down this thread
    with my nine in hand
    decked out in phat farm
    smoking contraband
    potheads dont get up
    dont even try to stand
    and dont even try to rap
    cus your beats are bland
    i know...
    stoned as fuck staring at your hands
    you are
    paranoid, your running from the man
    you cant
    get away its time to make a stand
    and take our freedoms back
    with our blunts in hand
  18. yo yo.....

    Im really white...

    and really tight?...

  19. check it

    give it up for me and my krew,
    this is how we do,
    puffin up 2 fer you,
    grabbin up the mic
    as if it was the pipe,
    i be blazin up the stage,
    droppin these rhyms is just a phase,
    for my real passion lies
    (hearin all sorts a cries)
    in the 4 string vibrations,
    givin you a new sensation,
    kinda like that kind bud
    i heard you was token,
    puff puff SLIP!
    its broken,
    shattered all over the floor,
    its aight, its from the kid next door.
    slappin out the licks
    chillin in the new kicks,
    do ya wanna buy some nicks?
    i think im gunna choke,
    do ya really wanna poke?
    ill make this whole world go up in smoke.

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