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  1. Lets see what yall got. I know there are other threads but we need a fresh one. Drop some lyrics !

    Drunk as a skunk
    Smoking on that funk
    Burning Kools like a fool
    We cool, you already knew
    We know you ain't thats old news
    Getting hoes like we a pimp tool
    Never went to school
    Cause we ain't soft like wool
    Stunting all day and night
    Drinking that liqour staying right
    Got the 38. special ready to fight
    Then say goodnight
    Back off or you'll lose your life
    Cut your ass up with a knife
    Then hang you from a telephone wire
    Bitch we on fire
    Haters gay sitting in the choir
    Fighters on the streets keeping their rep up
    Always stepping up
    Never letting up
    Somebody getting set up
    Bout to slip and get picked up
    Shoulda ducked he just got fucked up

    something i thought of how is it?
  2. let me give you some advice. as a person that raps a lot, hangs around people rapping all day, and has spent lots of time in the recording studio i can tell you that you really need to incorporate double-syllable, triple-syllable, and quadruple-syllable rhymes to your shit, to make it more interesting and to make your flow better. right now your just doing basic single-syllable rhyming sceme that (no offense) just sounds very elemetry.

    Example of Double-Syllable rhyming courtesy of Big L in the song "All Black":

    Yo once again it's the Big L, that kid who got much props
    from killin corrupt cops, with motherfuckin buck shots

    Example of Triple Syllable courtesy of Eminem in the song "Drug Ballad":

    Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark
    This is how we used to make the party start
    We used to, mix Hen' with Bacardi Dark
    And when it, kicks in you can hardly talk

    Example of a quadruple syllable rhyme courtesy of Eminem in the song "Bad Meets Evil":

    I don't speak, I float in the air wrapped in a sheet
    I'm not a real person, I'm a ghost trapped in a beat
  3. i spit out internet rhymes, just trying to get my internet shine
    and if i don't spark your interest, fine, but your female friends should get into it (Why?)
    i am back like, i returned from my past life
    everything looks gray but its not just black white
    i am the mack type, thats why i rap tight
    i thought i trapped white but it turns out she's only half white
    i got the white girl...but she's only half white
    remember when i sold you blow, it was only half white...
    ill take any asian, latina. black type...but only if she is half white...(haha)
    remember that black girl from half baked, it turns out she is half white (wow)
    halle berry, she is half white
    as for beyonce , she looks half white....michael jackson wishes he was half-white (lol)
    this whole world seems to be half white
    mixed with a whole bunch of other stuff...
    my half white girl left me....oh well, on to another slut
    and if she doesn't know whats up...she gets an upper cut
    i only go for girls who got the exotic type in her
    and for some reason...i can still go for a hot girl with some white in her.....killa!!!! chyea!!! ay!!!
  4. its not a freestyle if your typing it on a computer :laughing:

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