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  1. haha i was high and started writing some rhymes down, heres what i came up with, tell me what ya think?
    i wanna talk a little about the meaning of peace
    it doesnt just mean that all the deaths and wars cease
    even though that its is a very big piece
    first all prejudice and judgements we must release
    we need to realize, that were all the same
    just another person in this life, its just a game
    its all about how we live ,and proclaim our name
    look at what your life has became
    just another person who trys to tame
    the thoughts of others its really a shame
    that the approval from others is your aim
    its not over yet theres still time for change
    so shoot for something thats in your range
    kill your ego, and start to rearrange
    whats really important, it might seem strange
    that when your grateful for what youve recieved
    it seems that before you were decived
    and you might even be a little relieved
    once your laughing at what you once believed
    once you realize, you were born with all you need
    only now, can you begin to proceed
    to live a life of charity, instead of greed
    and judge not, others for the lives they lead
    and now you have the power to increase
    the true meaning of the word peace
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    good stuff man. i noticed a couple of the lines (that if it was my poem) i'd slightly change the wording-- but the overall message and flow are great. it'd be even better accompanied by music :cool:

    would you mind if i used these lyrics to write myself a little guitar part to and record? i mean, i have no professional involvement in music, nor do i intend to any time in the near future.. but if i was ever gonna spread it i'd make sure credit went to my good ol' buddy chrispy. lol. i await your approval
  3. haha in that case i am glad to honor you with the rights to use these words, as long as you show some love to good ol chrispy haha, rock on man, see if you can get it on the web so i can hear it, good luck :metal:
  4. sure thing man. whenever i get around to finishing up whatever i do i'll make sure you hear it. :bongin:
  5. Get a composition book and start writing rhymes like fucking crazy; is all I have to say to you. Good rhyming talent
  6. haha thats not a bad idea, thanks for the posative feedback :)
  7. cool poem man, is writing like a hobby or did this just happen? either way, you're good at staying universal and simple but strong.

  8. well one day my friends n i were just freestylin, n i kinda killed it so they liked it n always tell me to bust freestyles, so sometimes i just write down what comes to mind, i have alot of feelings id love to put into words but its just so hard, this is just my beginning i guess. thanks for the interest:D

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