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Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by LittleJacob, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Dude this is sick you have a voice for rapping! And the rhymes are good too..(the first song).

    Hey... I started making my own beats and I can't rap.... Do you think you could send me the acapella for snap ya nek? I haven't worked with vocals on a beat yet and I think it could be fun. Send me it over soundcloud? Also if you wanna hear my beats.. I'm kinda going for a sloppy jazz style/samples and would LOVE to have some raps over themCloudSpills's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    If not I understand, good luck with your music though :hello:

    EDIT: wow I didn't even realize that was a freestyle... you destroyed it man, really nice choice of words!

    My favorite line : "Mc's are square, me? I be the circle" that gave me a good laugh
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    Dude no joke I just spent a good half an hour to an hour vibing out to all of your beats! I love your style man!! The moodiness, the jazz... the variations and the drops... really diggin it man! Glitter and Dilla are amazing!

    I would be more than happy to drop some rhymes over this wonderful music my friend. I followed you on Soundcloud. I'll hit you up and we'll talk more about it. Keep it up though man, really feeling your music!

    What do you use to produce with btw? I use primarily FL studio and maybe the Axiom 25 Midi controller every now and then. Your drums are so crisp, especially on dilla, it almost sounds like you're using hardware or something (MPC or similar)? I gotta get some tips from you on drums/kick sounds haha.

    Oh and thanks for the compliments my man :) I have fun lol, I think that's what it's all about
  4. I use logic pro 9 :D

    But I use a lot of 3rd party plugins too. Primarly reverbs, and the waves plugins.. Also sugarbytes makes something called effectrix that is worth checkin out, but I don't use it much.

    I do all the sampling with either logic pro's ultrabeat (amazing, love it for one hits) or kontakt 5 (it's really good for timestretching and playing out long samples).

    Lately it's been a lot of just kontakt though because you can set up SO many different samples and have them bpm synced manually (really useful for old songs).

    My controller is just a basic akai mpk25. It has pads but I just use the keyboard and manually change velocity and usually don't quantize, or if I do I delay the notes and add swing.( i love flying lotus, samiyam).

    I've been working a lot with compression and mixing though, that's how I get the drums the way it sounds. All the drum samples get detuned, EQed, and compressed...oh yeahh... I love using a bitcrusher :D I'll usually bitcrush the hats a little bit, I like the lofi.

    I need more drum samples now that I think about it, I'd like to get those old school drums... kinda like hieroglyphics, J dilla, 90s classics :D
  5. damn dude that was straight fire!

    your voice and flow kinda reminds me of Jeru the Damaja :D
  6. Humpty ? [ame=]Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance" - YouTube[/ame]
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    Dope! Thanks for the info. I definitely have to start dedicating more time to mixing and mastering and all of that. I usually just make the beat template, get lazy and move on unless I'm actually making a song with it lol. But the right compression and mixing really makes a huge difference.

    Once I save up some money I'm really going to upgrade my studio set up and take it to the next level. I'm looking at the Maschine by Native instruments. That thing looks looks like a beast - hardware and software mix. Looks like a modern day MPC, with light-up pads! :hello:

    I'm probably going to get that Maschine, some other more versatile Daw (Logic, Ableton... going to try a few out and see what I like), and a good little midi keyboard. Might even get an analog keyboard when i save up some money.

    I'm going to hit you up for some more details on bitcrushing and how to get those drums to bang like that. EQ'ing etc. Whatever you do seems to be working well :p

    Oh btw I just sent you that acapella you wanted. Hoook it up :cool:

    haha thanks man. I love jeru... he's probably had some kind of influence on my style I'm sure lol
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    I'm going to start throwing up a freestyle every day, after I come back from training for soccer and running in the morning, going to get in the booth and lay it down.

    Any suggestions on what to freestyle about? If you guys throw out some topics I'll pick one and roll with that.. that could be interesting lol
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  10. nice shit man, ur timing could use a tad bit of work, but honestly im not critic, ur prolly the best thing ive heard on gc, out of all the threads where people try to rap.
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    thanks! yea, that last freestyle and the one before it... i recorded first thing in the morning. i was pretty groggy... timing WAS pretty off in a few places. thanks for the feedback
  12. This is really good for a freestyle.. u got a nice voice dude keep working, u have any written songs?

    I've got some raps too.. a lot of them unfinished and some better than others.. if you have any constructive feedback thatd be great
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    Thanks man, appreciate it. I have one recorded written song out with my group Basic - I'm the first verse here on this song Elementary

    Elementary | Basic

    Dude... some of your stuff is GREAT man!! Honestly surprised me, it surpassed my expectations by FAR! I didn't really have any in the first place but damn, I really enjoy some of these songs man.

    Black Helicopter... shit blew me away man. Excellent excellent lyricism. And your voice and flow is on point. I'm really digging your songwriting in general.. and what you write about. I love the lyrical style... it's reflective and conscious...yet interspersed with some dope ass metaphors and imagery.

    If I had to try to pick out one thing I could say work on, and this is reaching, but I would say maybe tightening up the flow a bit. maybe slightly more precise. But that is kind of reaching lol you're flow is pretty on point as it is. Not much I can tell you man you seem to have a good level of mastery on your craft bro, keep doing your thing!!

    I feel like we'd vibe a lot as far as writing songs goes. You're overall attitude...the concepts and the content you rap about. The honest expression, the intelligence...the variation from serious/reflective to just straight dope lyricism... I think we'd gel together perfectly musically. Plus our voices sound pretty similar too

    I think we would make some BOMB ass track together man lol. I haven't recorded most of my best written shit yet... that Basic song was about a year ago, I've come a long way with my writing since then. I've always been more of a predominantly freestyle/spontaneous MC but I've spent the last few months really concentrating on my writing. When I put my next couple written verses out in a couple weeks I'll definitely let you know.

    God damn man, by posting this freestyle first I met Cloudspills aka Silenceme who is a DOPPEE ass producer, and now I meet you a fucking DOOPE ass lyricist/MC. That's dope lol I love how the universe works out

    But seriously I love your style man, you definitely have a lot talent. We should see if we hook something up some time man, it would be dope for sure.
  14. Here's a freestyle my buddy and I laid down at my friends place yesterday. This is all off-the-top freestyling to a couple amazing beats laid down by CloudsSpills/silenceme.

    Spillin Freestyles by The Vapor MC

    Let me know what you guys think. I'm the first voice freestyling on the track. It's a very roughly mixed version but it doesn't sound too bad.
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    Thanks for the love bro... youd think from my verses that id be able to freestyle but I cant even flow with half the skill you do haha.. guess I gotta practice

    edit: jus checked your tracks..

    I dunno what to say man but your written track was tight like 18 year old pussy hahaha, sounds pro i dont rlly put much effort into it, I like writing but im too lazy to eq and all that shitt, I should tho

    As far as your freestyle goes, you and your boys are nice, wish there was more intelligent MC's round here I could link up with, all of them are either sub-par or are into some Drake-swag type flow, I can't even rap with those dudes without feeling like a woman hahaha

    But yeah lets link up and shineee
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    Also I don't usually double post, but for CloudSpills I gotta make an exception.. just peeped some of your tracks and im itching to blesssss them would it be cool if I spit over it, ill credit you and what not

    Seriously man, that J-Dilla feel, too nice

    sound like one of the dudes out of jurassic five. don't know which tho
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    haha thanks.

    Chali 2na?

    [ame=]Freestyle 101 Chali 2na Jurassic 5 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Glad you're feelin it man haha. Thanks.

    I know exactly what you're talking about with that drake swag flow hahaha.. that thing has infected the entire generation of mainstream/typical wannabe hip hop rappers. They all rap that same god damn flow now, its ridiculous lol

    Yea man if you lived around here we would get along and work together great. You are on that level for real, real reganize real.

    Let's get together and make some dope shit happen!! :cool: I'll hit you up on Soundcloud about some stuff. Peace

    Also if you wanted to hear a couple more of my written verses...

    Late at Night Freestyle by The Vapor MC on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    I wrote the first 12 or so bars and the rest I freestyled.

    Idlewild Auditorium Freestlye by The Vapor MC on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    I wrote the first 16 bars and then freestyled everything after "welcome to the world luke I am your father".

    These are both a little old... first one is about a year old and the other about 2 years old

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