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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by LittleJacob, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Whoops - posted this in the wrong section.

    Fuck it, lol.

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    You sound relaxed on the mic, must be like riding a bike.

    Keep it up man, and what happened to Scott taking the beat over? haha

    Oh and whenever I can get myself aligned and flow off the top, I'll collab with you.
  4. nice dude, so many wack rappers out there thinkin theyre good but you arent bad at all mang.. you doing this just for fun or do u actually have aspirations of making it eventually??
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    Thanks man! I know right, what DID happen to Scott taking over? lmao, that was funny. he just blanked out. he's actually really dope - has some great written verses, and his voice has dropped a lot since here. he's my best friends little brother.

    Right on man, I'm down for a collab whenever. Just hit me up.

    Thanks bro. Both actually. I freestyle and make music and stuff because it's fun and I love it, but I'm actually looking to "make it" to some degree eventually. Just to the point where I can tour the country playing shows and put out good music that people enjoy. I don't give a fuck about "the rap game" or the industry or fame or any of that, I'm just going to put out my music and my group's music through our own independent label, and see where it goes from there. Kind of like Hieroglyphics Wu Tang and Wax did it.

    If i could spend a few years putting together albums, and playing shows and touring across the country meeting people - I would be a very happy dude. Don't give a shit about being on an XXL cover or anything I just do it cause I really enjoy it, making music, freestyling, all of it.

    This freestyle stuff is more for fun, and is kind of it's own art/expression in itself, and then I have my album material, which is more focused, spiritual, relevant, meaningful... that's more the stuff I plan to get somewhere with, with the freestyling as a side and a fun thing to do at shows. Plus I have my music with my group, and my friends in there are all talented as shit in that group.
  6. you sound like one of the guys from Jurassic 5.
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    Haha thanks, that's interesting. Which one? The really tall one with the deep voice I'm guessing? Chali 2na.

    I love J5, there are so fresh. Kind of very similar vibe to what our group is about. Fresh, positive, all about the flows and the beats while still saying something relevant/positive. They're definitely an inspiration.

    [ame=]Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard - YouTube[/ame]
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    [ame=]Muddaz - Mud Slinger(lyrics) - YouTube[/ame]

    Yo here's the first single from my best friend and band member Travis... who goes by Muddaz. I told you there's mad talent in this group lol. Check it out.

    Him and I have a whole bunch of duo shit coming out soon too, I'll keep yall posted

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