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  1. This is a thread for beginners to rap and freestyling to learn some tips and read some freestyles. And for "expirienced" or for people who know a little something about freestyling to come and give tips and shit. But whether your new or old good or bad post your best freestyles on here an see what people think.

    Heres a rap i just made up.

    Your a fake thug to-you i show no love
    Your notin to me 1,2,3 your just another number in ma killen spree
    If u talk shit then you just prvokin the beast inside me 
    Soon ill explode like nalpam
    Rainnin down on the crazied iraqi and vietnam
    You better pray for god
    But even he dont know
    what im about to unleash on your soul
    My rhyms will tear you to shreds
    Ill spit on you and piss in ya death bed
    One silver bullet straight throught your incompitant ignorant head
    Act like a tough guy now 
    But when its time to put in work 
    your now where to be found
    I push mmortal technique around 
    I am under the under ground

    That took me a couple mins to think up most of it and prob like 20-25 mins to revise and stuff (i no thts not a freestyle but w.e. Haha)
  2. That physically hurt to read.
  3. Well im guessing that means its bad. But why dont you post up one?
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    What...the hell....was that? :laughing:
  5. I didn't quite understand your freestyled rhyme
    So you might want to revise it if you have the time
    But now I digress to deliver a message
    Heed my call to head to the Music Hall
    Lots of freestyle threads there so have a ball
  6. That was horribly i have to say you should be ashamed. SOMEONE PLEASE POST AGOOD ONE
  7. Coming in to make a change call me Obama
    Lyrically I drop bombs kinda like Osama
    After hearing the the track like Twix, you need a moment
    To process what I said, now who's the next opponent
    Rhyming bullets spewing out like I were a BR
    Critical condition, just like its the ER
    My eyes read and low but I still see well
    Chokin' out the bitches like Latrell Spreewell
    Smoking on exotic weed call it bamboo
    Actuall rare as hell, like the bitch Mewtu.

  8. yo.... blood is red just like red ink, like the color of my sink after washing the blood off your head to feed my pet minx.

  9. Line 1,2,5,6 were pretty cool i gotta say haha
  10. His freestyle was at least 12 times better than yours.
  11. next on my list is greatness, one chance and I'mma take this
    flyin high I feel weightless, not given tips you ain't my waitress
    so it's time that we face it, like a bitch you gotta take it
    because while you remain nameless I'm killin shit, aimless
    shapeshiftin but I'm shapeless, just like my rhymes homie they ageless
    now you that feel my basis, recognize everything dropped, classic
    beginnin to feel that feelin, magic; not evolution like jurassic
    hammer nailin every facet, read my pamphlet or enter casket
    cold world you need a jacket, or freddy crouger get'cho ass lit
    don't let me fool ya I'm just the devil in a new dress
    so pop that button and let me caress emotions that've been represeed
    nevertheless, I'll take your soul from you but not stolen, repossessed
    playin chess like your the queen and you got my king in check
    but no regrets while I been grindin for a minute or two, yet
    so influenced by the what the little devil on my shoulder says
    get out my biz and leave me alone, gotta prepare for this quiz
    the next movement of music has got me feelin it's what my job is
    like I'm the next wiz with an open-mind, redifine words I've aligned
    combined with being unsigned's got me feelin lost like I'm blind
    thinkin what's it take to try and fast-forward while I'm in rewind
    state of mind isn't new york, I'm thinkin about adding dollar signs
    my lines loopy like lupe, going fiasco on the mic hotter than tabasco
    but before I'm done with this shit I'll make you a believer and that's de facto
  12. My rhymes are kinda silli
    like a Bill without his billi's
    or a 9 with out a milli
    i better cock it 'for i drop it
    oops i dropped it
    at least i rocked it
    but i couldn't stop it
    there it goes
    down that hole
    i should probably take a seat
    but i don't wanna have a seat cause i don't wanna fall asleep
    so just poor it in my drink and ima sip it till i lean hard
    drink got me moving slower than a retard

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