Freeeddommmmm!!!!! Starting back up after one year!

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    I am now officially OFF probation, which means I could finally smoke some herb again!!!!!! :hello:
    It has been over one year and I had my first sesh recently this month, which was a bong sesh hahah. ( and yes, I was chillinn!:smoke: )

    But now it is completely different, the high I mean. I learned to appreciate my high, and now every session inspires me in EVERY way. It really changed me; it makes me a better person every time I smoke. No longer am I confused about my life and future, and it really matured me.

    Before (I was on probation), I used to smoke and just get high.. you know just feel good and have the munchies, relax(unless it's dank sativa), etc., normal shit. Pretty much, I smoked just to get high.. which now that I think of it, I abused it. This was when I was a senior and now I am in college.

    I really encourage all of you guys who don't truly appreciate the herb to be grateful than to just smoke it because you got nothing better to do.
    I am sure that a lot of you guys already do appreciate it, and for those who do.. Hakuna Matata! ;)


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