Freedom? Well that's just some people talking.

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Well, this started as my profile in AIM, but it got out of control and I just couldn't stop typing.

    Very long post indeed, I encourage you to read it though. I don't mean to come off holier than thou in this, it's simply me trying to observe american society in a different perspective.


    Freedom is an interesting subject. When has mankind truly been free? Certainly not since the dawn of civilization. After all, structured societies are designed to control the population. The only true freedom lies in nature, and we have been systematically separated from nature. Our narrow world views are shells of reality, meaningless except in our diluted shallow minds jammed with useless information. To comprehend freedom, it is necessary to examine the world in which we live in. Most people realize the world is a very fucked up place, but rationalize it with racism, and general ignorance. To most Americans freedom is a vague concept. Generally thoughts of stars and stripes, eagles, and fireworks come to mind. Symbols can evoke powerful emotions in people, but the general population doesn't really comprehend what it is to be free. They see freedom as deciding what TV channel they want to watch, or what music they want to listen to. Extremely shallow notions of freedom have been attributed to these powerful symbols of defiance and rebellion. I don't blame the individual, but the system we were born into. we believe we are free, but if we don't really know what freedom is, then we have no reference point and our concept of freedom is inherently flawed. In order to gain a different perspective of the freedom of life and nature it is necessary to examine our society and way of life. When we are small children, we are sent to public schools. Here we are taught language, math, science, and History. Useful subjects in the real world yes?

    Well, I'm not against being educated but what is behind the education perturbs me. It seems to me, and many others, that public schools are forms of conditioning youth to accept complete authority over their lives, and not to question it. Children loose basically all of their basic rights when they enter a public school. The basic structure of schooling in this country is shockingly similar to that of a totalitarian government. The children being the proletariate, the administration an iron fist ruling over the ignorant. We are conditioned not to question teachers, not to question principles, just accept what they say,
    don't fight back or you will be punished severely. All the while we are being taught some important things, but at the same time we aren't taught many very important things. One of the things that pisses me off the most is that children are not taught to think as individuals, rather we are taught to memorize names, dates, and a lot of information completely useless to us in the long run. Don't question what is taught, it is right, it is fact, accept it. We are not taught to properly analyze situations, research information ourselves and come to rational conclusions ourselves. Instead we are given busy work, again to condition us into being given meaningless tasks to keep us busy and our minds
    off the fact that our whole lives are being controlled. We are told what and how to think. History lessons are my biggest problem. AFter all, those who win wars write history. We are never taught to question our country, when that is what our country was foudned on. Questioning authority, not blindly following the masses of sheep into the pen. Unfortunately that is exactly what is happening. It is getting worse, and not by accident. Bias is everywhere in the public education system, it is a system set up to condition us into slavery, a slavery that we are blind to. And what is better than having slaves who cannot see their chains? Content in being allowed the little bit of freedom their masters allow (Recess for example).

    So for the first 13 or so years of our cognitive lives (meaning it is the first 13 years we can really comprehend what is going on around us to a reasonable degree) we are most definately slaves. We have no real rights, we are taught to blindly follow authority, and we are conditioned to accept the fact that meaningless busy work dished out by the higher ups is the meaning of life. So when we finally turn 18 and are released into the "real" world we are good little sheep. We are grateful that we finally have "rights" and aren't subject to the horrible totalitarian ruling of public education. So what now? Well, now we can either go right off into the grind of the corporate workforce as the lowest of the low, or we can continue our conditioning.

    Well, if we don't continue our conditioning our lives will be a constant struggle, unless we are one of the

    lucky few with family connections or great talent or maybe we just might win the lottery. For the majority of the population, those aren't relevant factors. So how do we continue our education? It is no longer a public institution and it is no longer free. Unless we work our asses off to get massive scholarships and maintain those scholarships, most of us are forced into getting a loan from a bank. These loans you will be paying back for years and years and years to come. So right off the bat, as soon as we leave highschool we are turned into slaves to the banks. I won't get into the corruption of the federal reserve, the world bank, and what happened in 1913 and 1934, this is more of a conceptual writing, not really about dates and facts of how we have gotten into the current fucked up societal state we are in, more just pointing out grim realities that we know, but don't analyze for ourselves because we just accept them as the way the world works.

    Okay, so now we go through 4 years of college and owe the bank thousands upon thousands of dollars (which by the way is just meaningless paper printed frivelousely by a privately owned and operated "federal" reserve that is in no way regulated or held accountable for their massive inflation of our currency). We are ready to be assimilated into the workforce. So we are now in debt for probably upwards of 10,000 dollars already, and just obtained a job (if you are lucky enough to get one that hasn't been outsourced to india or some other bullshit place). Now we have become what the have been moulding us into all this time, slaves blind to our chains. We work to pay off our debts, it is a modern form of indentured servitude. But the debt never goes away, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Eventually you deal with mortages, car loans, credit card bills, and a myriad of other expenses. To top it off, we get taxed for our property, and our income, social security, and a bunch of other crap. And also insurance. Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance. Do you know where all this moeny goes to? A few wealthy people who own almost everything. All the big banks, the big corporations, the government, it is all filtered up to them.

    The wealth of America's top 1% is equal to the wealth of the lower 95%. They make the laws, they control they money, they control the courts.

    So freedom is an intersting subject indeed.

  2. Wow, Dirty. You, are in my mind. I just love that you can put into words what I have been thinking my whole life. I've always felt like a little sheep, just being fattened up for them draining money from us.
  3. dude thats very true, you put my jumbled thoughts into words! thanks man def a good read +rep.
  4. Just cause you bump doesnt mean im going to read it
  5. Ok, well maybe some other people will. I'm not bumping it for recognition, I'm bumping it because I think it's important that people realize what they're living in. You don't have to be an asshole about it, if you don't want to read it don't read it, but no need to be a prick.

    I'm sorry if I don't want a thread that actually means something amidst the garbled masses of stupid shit to just get lost in the archives with no real feedback and barely anyone reading it.
  6. lol, i thought rasta where suposed to be peaceful... good read +rep

  7. Amen
  8. how does that make me an asshole?

    You're obviously looking for some kind of peer approval.
  9. how does that make me an asshole?

    You're obviously looking for some kind of peer approval.
  10. Wow, very interesting dirty pete...i totally agree with your thoughts on freedom.

    And dont mind rasta_man...He thinks he's better than everyone else because he can be a smartass. And usually i wouldnt say anything, but i rarely see anything other than negativity in his posts (just like his post on this thread...not needed)

    I know this is gay, but im showing a few threads where rasta_man doesnt say anything helpful or nescessary. It's really gotten out of hand rasta...everyone always complains about negativity on the forums...when will you get the picture? And i know this post may be regarded as "negative", but its gone on too long.

  11. Wow, that's weak.

    Why is it up to you the way i deal with situations. These are my opinions. I dont force anybody to read my entries.

    To my knowledge, this forum is a collection of various pespectives, beleifs and opinions, without any kind of malicious prosecution, such as you have just exhibited.

    I may be negative alot of the time, but by posting that, you just topped me. I'm really dissapointed because i thought my opinion and beleifs could be held equal to everybody elses in the spirit of GC.

    Couldn't we just debate each individual opinion? Seriously, lets do this the democratic way. I've given my 2 cents, you give yours, etc. Friendly exchange of ideas. Not some attack where you attempt to point out how negative a person i am.

    I don't think the fact that i'm majorily a pessamist has escaped many members, but i was under the impression that i could do that without you having to pick it apart.

    More so, why don't you do a search of all the useful, imfortmative things i've posted? I'm pretty sure there are quite a few of them.

    Let my reputation speak for itself. The members around here think i'm doing something right, that's why i continue to contritbute. It the majority of people felt like i was a nuissance, i would simply leave and not waste time typing information to people i'll never met and have no personal interest in. It's the reciprocation of the positive contribution.

    I'm sorry you feel i'm an invalid member of GC, rollinfatty.

    The reality is; i'm not going to change in the slightest on your account.
  12. Of course Rasta, but you don't have to be, well, rude about it.
    I'll i'm saying that don't bring the negativity of the outside into our stoner haven. I come here when i'm not out, and I love the tranquility of this place.

    I wish we could just drop it and smoke a bowl. Wouldn't that be nice. C'Mon I just got some dank! :smoke:

    We all good everyone?
  13. I am with Rasta Man on this one...
  14. I'm with melkor on this one.

    Let's toke up!
  15. Good, so Wookie, Rasta, and Me are in. Sweeet. :bongin: :poke:Your hit Rasta.

  16. No, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for an intelligent discussion on this matter, I didn't write that thinking "Oh wow, I can't wait to post this so everyone can see what a cool guy I am" I wrote it as form of venting my frustrations and trying to explain to myself why the world we live in is so fucked up. I simply shared it because I figured this is a place where maybe some people will share the same belief's as me and be able to discuss it with me, or maybe theye will give me another perspective on the matter that I didn't realize. That's the only real way to learn anything, to get as many perspectives on the matter as possible, analyze the information and come to an informed decision based on said information. Not only that, but I feel that there needs to be a massive shift in thinking about society and the invisible class structure of America. Today's youth is so ignorant to what reality is I like to share my thoughts i hopes of maybe sparking just a hint of intrigue about this matter into maybe 1 or 2 people. That's what I'm looking for, I could give a fuck about peer approval on some internet board.

    I hoped for an intelligent discussion but so far this thread has really taken a turn for the worse. So far I haven't gotten any relevant feedback or discussion on this matter at all. Just conflict,maybe I overestimated grasscity.

    And to everyone who posted, RastaMan you included, don't take this post as an attack. I'm not bashing you all for what you've posted, I'm just extremely dissapointed in what has become of this thread.
  17. No, you're definatley right on this one, DirtyPete, i think we just misunderstood eachother. I didn't mean to be an asshole in my inital post.

    I'm even going to go read it now. (not becuase you bumped it :p )
  18. It's all gravy dude.

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