Freedom of Speech and Anarcho Capitalism don't Mix

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    It just occurred to me today. Your rights to be protected under Free Speech are actually very limited when you think about it.

    You could be fired for saying the wrong things on social media, if your boss finds out.

    You could be asked to leave a certain property (and assuming for a moment that we're living in a fully Anarcho Capitalist society where taxation IS theft .. private property would be practically everywhere.)

    Those private property owners could turn out to be white supremacists ... or they could be rich, liberal SJWs like Mark Zuckerberg e.g. they might have rules about how you should behave e.g. if you call someone the wrong gender pronoun, you're asked to leave... you must refer to black people as African American .. you must always agree when people say that women are equal to men .. etc.

    What if Facebook or Google owned 80% of the roads and footpaths in your city. That means white supremacists could in fact be stopped from protesting there, and would be given a boot by the cops .. ... those same white supremacists who, ironically enough, are often the ones who peddle Ayn Randian beliefs about self-reliance e.g. 'taxation is theft .. my tax dollars should not go to sick kids and single mothers .. etc.'

    I think many conservatives have already taken plenty of ass-beatings from the mighty boot of ruthless Capitalism.. by getting banned form Twitter .. ... fired from Google .. etc.

    In other words - an Anarcho Capitalism would result in a lot LESS freedom, not more. Freedom is, by definition .. the power to think, act or speak as one wants.

    Conclusion - we must limit the power of government by supporting policies that promote maximum trade, economic growth, individual liberty.

    Likewise, we must also limit the power of giant monopolies and big business .. through taxation, regulation, etc.

    This is the only way to achieve a truly 'Free' society. You're not free if you have to live in fear of being homeless. Tax the means of production so we're not slaves to them, then let the owners of the means of production do their magic so we don't have to stand in queues waiting for bread and toilet paper.

  2. I'm wondering, what"s the difference between anarcho capitalism and corporate feudalism. Same beast, different name?
  3. Well, I'm voting for Darwinian Clown Lottery. :GettingStoned: Only the craziest fuckers are allowed on the bus, and one of them gets to drive.


    Just a thought. It's the fear of being homeless that makes one get up, put on shoes and go be a productive member of society instead of drinking Red Bull and playing Zombie Apocalypse all day.


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