Freedom of Information Act

Discussion in 'General' started by ZIGGS, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Anyone here ever request the info the fed's keep on you under this? I know there has been more recent similar legislation. I'd like to know what kind of shit they think they know about me. So how do i go about doing something like this? anyone ever do it and find odd shit in their file or is there not much>
  2. Well. That's an interesting -- if somewhat paranoid -- question. Not that you shouldn't be paranoid in this world it seems. Anyway, I am not a lawyer and I don't know this for a fact; but, I think you need to request a certain document, a specific document, be turned over under FOIA; I don't think you can make a general "What do you know about me?" question and expect much. I could be wrong, but government tends not to word semantically. Good luck, though. Start with obtaining your criminal and medical records, see how that goes.
  3. ohhh ok, thanks alot. i was under the impression that it was something completely different.

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