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Freedom in Sustainable Gardening

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Prepper420, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. 12x out of 16x up so far of: PE2 x (PPBxGDP)
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  2. IMG_3981.JPG
    Hey prepper , I was at my local brew shop picking malted barley . The owner knows I use it for growing . He showed me those 2 bottles in the pic. He said the are liquid enzymes that u get from mbp. 1 bottle is equal to 4,000 lbs of grain . Ever heard of this ?

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  3. I haven’t, I have zero idea what that would do to a plant. I know freshness of grains and grinding right before use for maximum enzymes is key, but bottled. Guess you could dilute it down and see what happens. Need a control.
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  4. Is it even organic??
  5. I don't know if I would want MBP stronger. Seems a little goes a long way.

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  6. Wow that would be amazing to get a (full) MBP concentrate like this .... applications would be much simpler .... except this is only amylase and beta amylase.....mbp has many many more enzymes than just amylase which is good to break carbs down to a simpler form of sugar

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  7. One of the Wedding Cake BX1 hermi’d. To be expected after the fire though... still have 4x left and one of those is the keeper I’ve been eyeing, so it’s all good! Just need to keep a close eye on the rest. Hopefully I caught it in time and won’t have seeds this round.
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  8. Yeah but my worms would be pissed. They love the biweekly MBP snack. It's like crack.

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  9. I agree, I think the Malted grains ground up right before use is going to give you the best results overall, for plants and soil life.
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  10. I personally think the phosphatase and chitinase are the 2 most important for what I do.
    Fresh ground mb is where its at, whether its a soil mix, worm bin, or compost pile!
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    Also ordered one of these yesterday!!
    Hortilux CMH 315!!!

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  12. Bubblegum Purpz, before the lights come on.
    IMG_1529.JPG IMG_1531.JPG
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  14. 13/16 Pineapple Exp 2 x (PPBxGDP) seeds popped up tall and I transplanted them into little containers. Had to order more 2gal transplanters lol.
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  15. Upgraded the worm bins and tower to a 100gal Geopot. Let that do its thing for a few months and collect the rewards. Added all kinds of compost, bio-char, rock dusts, oyster shell, egg shells, and Neem/Karanja meal.
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  16. Reorganized my tent! Dark Devil is fading pretty quick, LA Confidential is growing like mad, and we have lift off on the Cinderella XX. Thanks for all the help/information youve contributed along the way! 0415181936_HDR~2.jpg

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  17. Yes, I can’t wait to see what you produce with those lights . Please do a giga under that , lol. I really think you will be happy with it though . I still use my hps lights , just less of them now . I mix them . You are in for a treat my friend .

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  18. That LA Con. Looks like she’ll turn out great! My pleasure man
  19. Dark devil is auto Hey?? How did you like being able to flower while vegging?

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