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  1. Took me years to get here but you’ll be there in no time! So much info out now compared to when I started in 2010. I remember when Coot and Bluejay first started on GC teaching us how to No-Till. Been an amazing journey growing this plant, taking me all over the country.

    I would love to make some rosin, I think a friend is getting a press. Hope so! Lol.

    Thought about doing the bubble hash myself, my next big goals are to make a hash brick 3”x3”x1”. Need a lot kief for that!!

    Also want to make my own canna cigars here soon, now that I making my own oil. Got a lot of bills to pay first . Prolly wouldn’t even have a power bill if Edison and JP Morgan hadn’t ruined Tesla financially.
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  2. Yes that's who I started reading was coots stuff, I've never read into blue jays before but he seems like an awesome grower from what other people have done from him! Thanks man I appreactie hearing that, it takes patients and a lot of time! And the space for all the ladies! But the no till is the only way I see it. Or the permaculture style. Can't wait for my bucket to be pumping out plants like you have!

    Hopefully your buddy does.. the hair straightener way is a pain in the ads but it works haha!

    With bubble bags you can make bubble hash or you can do different microns of dry ice sift with it. The cannagars would be a deadly thing to smoke. Put some hash and some oil in them.. use the fan leaves to roll it with.. there is so much you can do with it! I hear ya on that power bill though. Wish everyone could be self sustaining with free power!
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  3. How did the oil turn out??
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  4. Moved into a few smaller containers, just bubbling out the last of the Everclear now. Should take another hour or so.
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  5. Quick question Prepper? Is transplanting into no-tills a preference thing? Doesnt it kind of disrupt soil life? I underatand in your case its necessary until sexing correct? But if grown from a fem seed would a person just go straight into their 20 gal? In actually transplanting to begin with seeing how I dont have soil life to begin with but curious for the future! Still looking dank as ever! My Dark Devil finally showed its head so were off to the races as well :yay:
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    It’s a preference I think. Most people try to reduce the number of transplants. I dig out a 2 gal hole at most into a 20gal. Will have even less impact on the 200gal pot.

    I transplant clones into 20’s if they’re available. Seeds I start in small pots or 2gals. Everything is usually grown in 2gals, sexed, and then put into 20’s.

    I don’t trust Fem seeds. Seems like there is always a hermi in the bunch. I still buy Fem if that’s all that’s available for that Cultivar but I hunt for that hermi. I expect it to be there. Better safe than fucked.
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  7. Yeah I've read that about fems a lot recently, kinda bummed since I spent a little grip on a bunch. Kinda have to use them for now anyways since I'm only working with one room. If this goes well I will implement a veg/clone room and be able to do just as you suggested. If you were in my shoes would you do the transplanting to build that initial SFW up real good? Or just plop the rapid rooter down into the 20? I would just rather not have to transplant if they're unnecessary steps...ya know? Not sure why but I'm real caught up on this one small step in the operation. I'm SUPER indecisive, making all this harder than it needs to be haha. Maybe a bowl will help :smoking-bong:
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  8. SFW??

    I guess it depends on your needs and space. I dropped a plug straight into a 20gal a few days ago. Gave it lots of VAM (mycos) and watered it in.

    I use the 2gals when I’m out of 20’s. Let’s me keep a plant for 2 months (ish) depends on how fast they grow. But long enough for a few 20’s to cycle out of flower.
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  9. Right on, I suppose ill do a single transplant from a 1 gal to start out! Thank you. And SFW = Soil food web. Figured since I haven't grown a plant in my 20 yet, I would want to make absolutely sure to fill the ENTIRE thing with roots (seems that's easier to accomplish with proper transplanting), therefore creating a nice solid SFW with loads of life to work with for a few years. Ig we'll see! And space can be expanded up to about 6'x7'x7' but I want a good couple runs before I go too crazy. I've already just barely exceeded my budget of 3k. And for needs - I'm TRYING to get to where I can just train a single plant (monster in a 20 gal) to produce for me approx. 10-16 oz in a 3x3 using 400w of vero29's. Seems doable right?
  10. You don’t need to worry, that plant will fill it fast!

    I get 9oz per Gigabud on average in 20, but that’s pushing it. Or at least that’s what the plant says. Anymore and it would be Fox tailing all over the place. I walk a razors edge sometimes. I should use more water, less extras. Lol

    Genetics plays a huge role in yields too!
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  11. If you took the extra time to do it, could you get more yield by doing some more extensive training, longer veg, or even SCROG? Or are you saying for a 20 in general 9 is pushing it? And let me know if this isnt the place to ask these questions! I just really like what you got going on :thumbsup:
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  12. I think you could get a decent amount more scroggimg her. That's what I've noticed when I had a scrog anyways
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  13. This is the place for questions! Everybody can learn a little and it helps keep me on my toes!

    I think it’s pushing it, I could prolly get more if I locked in the RH at 55-60% and ran CO2. But that’s way more money, $30 a 20lb tank refill.

    I’ve never messed with screens, my setups are more open and I rotate the pots in place a quarter turn everyday or every other day. Gigabud grows huge, just a monster, longer veg would be to the ceiling!! Lol. Play around with your plant heights when you flower and see what works best for you. I HAVE to flower GB around 24” because it just explodes in growth during flower. It would grow so big it would need its own light vs 4x under a 1k light.

    My setup is designed for 4x 20’s under each 1k, but I want to change that to 1x 100gal under a 600w (still with 4x plants in each). I have 5x lights total.
    I have a 600w above the 200gal, just haven’t turned it on yet. Will be saving me some money on my power bill!

    Bubblegum Purpz on the other hand is a light feeder, no real stretch, so her I could veg to 30” but she will get wider towards the end of flower, as the buds get heavy, she spreads her branches out. Have to tie them back up. Prolly a good candidate for screens if I used them.
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  14. Watching your 200 gallon is going to awesome to watch! Can't wait for that!

    That sounds like some nice weed poem you have going on over there! Haha
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  15. Me either! Took 4x Bubblegum Purpz clones for the 200gal few days ago. Will veg in 2gals until 24”.
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  16. Gigabud Clone in 20
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  17. Some shots of flower
    IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1085.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1091.JPG IMG_1093.JPG
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  18. Gigabud starting to stack those colas!
    IMG_1094.JPG IMG_1095.JPG IMG_1096.JPG
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  19. Just sprayed veg with molasses and water. Releasing Lady Bugs!
    IMG_1098.JPG IMG_1100.JPG IMG_1099.JPG
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