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  1.  I am a student of paralegal.  I have spent many hours in the law library, and studying the works of Aleister Crowley. I found that the journey to personal freedom in sex works involves paralegal classes, attending OTO Gnostic Mass, studying secret societies writings, and many hours at the law library.
     You can argue with me but I don't believe the word "prostitute" is the same as a "sex worker."  I define liberty "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole law. Love under will. Love under will."  Prostitution doesn't fall under my definition of liberty because someone else will determine whether or not the person have sex. I never found any statute that violate "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole law. Love under will. Love under will." The people have not realizes this and by ignorance the laws are being enforced to violate this.
     The attorneys, politicians, media, judges, etc. are not doing anything wrong by not leading you there. They are doing the right thing by following the secret societies advice. I wish to follow the secret societies advice. You can only come to the realization yourself. I given you hints but cannot tell you the whole thing.  No one can find this freedom for you.
    A year ago, I attended the OTO Gnostic mass. I didn't understand Aleister Crowley's law or his writings. I didn't want to join the OTO because I wanted try to figure it out on my own.  When I studied the law at the law library at first, I didn't see that the law has anything to do with Aleister Crowley's law.  The more I study, the more I see it. Finally, I wake up the fact that the laws are in harmony with Aleister Croweley's law.
     Finding your true will have nothing to do with sovereign paperworks, driving without licenses, or obeying reasonable regulation. The government has the right to impose reasonable regulation for certain dangerous activities. It is about finding that the laws don't conflict with the divine law and finding your true will. You can only claim it for yourself. I cannot do it for you.

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    aleister crowley was a charlatan, a foul mouthed pig slut, and a fool.
    why is it always the ugly and overweight that found cults where everyone bangs them lol
  3. Your hard to understand but I think government should be only able to reach so far . Peoples lives should not be immediately affected or regulated but the government. Like soliciting your own body , harming your body with substances , abortion , etc etc etc.

    I'm Texas they just took a woman off life support against the Texas laws even though she was braindead , the reason they didn't want to take her off is because she was carrying a baby , and law states that if a person is alive they have to do everything they can to sustain the babies life. Even though the woman's by medical definition , dead. , the family was devastated and so were the people of Texas, how can a law regulate the body of a loved one to the point where her own husband and mother had no say in the situation.

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