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  1. at attitude with the ufos is that a ufo pack? or does how many you get depend on your order size? Just curious at how many seeds i'll get total
  2. the more your spend, the more you get

    it goes by British Pounds

    first one .50 ( any order), then 30,60,90,120

    wait till the news letter comes out, if your dead set on getting the most feebies....

  3. so i'll get 3 if my orders a little over 60 gpb right?
  4. Don't wait for Attitude to send you their news letter. I registered to receive their news letter and they don't send it out on time, or don't send it out at all for that matter. When they were doing the Barney's Farm promotion, I didn't get the news letter until Sunday. By then all of the T-shirts and coffee mug were gone. I really wanted the cool coffee mug. I was one of the lucky ones though because I did receive my seeds. Others got substitutions. And for the Nirvana promotion this month, well they never even sent me the news letter for that one. Always go to their site to check the news letter.
  5. if you look at there twitter feed they are good about posting the news letters

  6. correct

    and smokin is right also .. check the last week, or two of the month to see what the next months specials are..the news letter specials seem to land on the first week end....

    lol those barneys items were gone in like the first 8 hours.... cuz the first day .. at 8 AM Pac. they were gone. thought I had till morning .... so I feel ya there man.
  7. I've looked into Attitude Seeds quite a bit and their news letter tends not to be bad but you do have to go after it yourself from time to time.

    Also worth looking at though is the cannabis seeds site. It's the closest competitor to Attitude and you can find better offers there if you scout it out.

    They've also got a cannabis blog that you can follow on twitter with deals and new offers so you get it straight away every time.

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