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Freebase pipe

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by fxh, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Got my freebase pipe at a cool smoke shop for cheap, It's awesome. What do you think?

    Made some pressed keif ~3.0g!
  2. shit looks like a crack pipe is it fun to smoke out of
  3. do you put hash in all 3 chambers?
  4. a crack pipe is a freebase pipe.
    I love smoking from it. Such a nice hit.

    You put the oil/ball in the first chamber and heat the bottom of the glass ball to heat the stuff. It begins to vaporize. The vapor will stay in the chamber filling it up, that your queue to inhale., but not too fast, you wanna pull just enough to keep a cherry going. The other chamber help to compress and hold more vapor after you stop inhaling, you can pass it off to a friend who will get a great hit, or you can exhale, and keep going. The other chambers are very useful.

    With the pipe design you can even put a little water in it where it loops back up and have a mini freebase bubbler, They also sell real freebase bubblers that look like glass mushrooms. They are super sick.
  5. nice pipe man, the real question is... do you freebase? ive got a similar pipe for my hash as well it was like 7 bucks
  6. things what take vapor (as a pipe) look like crack pipes and shit. went to a headshop and some crackhead was buying a vaporizer pipe

    nice pipe though do they work good?
  7. Yeah, I've done syrian rue/harmaline and will be trying some dmt with it too.

    Freebase pipe work good, even the standard p shapped ones are fine. The trick is too inhale slowly so you don't take the burning hot material into your lungs. My pipe's design doesn't let that happen as easily.

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