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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by full melt, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So I have just come to the realization that I have not payed for Xbox live since I bought my 360.

    I bought my initial 12 month Xbox live account November 2007.

    Microsoft sent me a message last October letting me know that my subscription was about to expire but I was not really that concerned because I wasn't playing many online games at the time. Christmas came and I started playing online games again which did not make sense because it was suppose to expire in November. I figured they had just made a mistake and did not really expect it to last much longer.

    Well I just got an email from Microsoft and as of February 18th I have a completely renewed gold membership.

    I still have the email.

    So I guess I just got a free membership. :cool:

    Anyone else ever hear of this happening?
  2. do they have your credit card number ?
  3. No, its not the automatic renewal. I bought a code at eb games.
  4. Sweet

    add me to xbox live dude

    Whats your gamertag ?
  5. Good job bro.

    Keep email in records and stuff though in case they come for money. They won't though, lol. Just say, "hey, eff you MSoft!" Lol.
  6. I did that but somehow they kept taking money outa my account.
  7. OP u just got robbed by xbox live, trust me they didnt give you free 12 months u paid for it:wave:
  8. yep sorry man they used the credit card info u used to verify your age.
  9. Yup! You need a CC to verify every account I am pretty positive they just threw the charge on there. Its set to auto renew unless you cancel the account before the year is up.
  10. lol this is such a buzz kill to the OP. i can see his face dropping after every post!:)
  11. Mine automatic renewals. I also thought I was in a similar situation but I keep getting charged for it (didn't know.) My dad's card is still on file though, so.....

    SHHHHHHHH!!!! :hide:
  12. What are you guys talking about? You don't have to have a CC for Xbox Live? I've never had to use one until I chose to go for the automatic renewal.
  13. you do not need a credit card with a store bought code! i just did this a few months back. as long as you input your age as 18 or older, there is absolutely no need for the credit card.

    i made a mistake with my birthday, so they asked for a card number for verification purposes. realizing my mistake, i started over from scratch with the code, correct birthday, and the use of the card wasnt needed.

    screw that automatic renewel. im thinking maybe the OP used a credit card to purchase some microsoft points.
  14. on another note, the only thing "free" that microsoft is willing to give you is a free month, and that only comes when you want to cancel. of course, with that free month they expect another cycle of payments from you.

    in my opinion, stay away from auto renewel. seems more and more subscriptions require this nowadays making it more difficult to cancel.
  15. That sounds really lucky!
    If only I wasn't a diehard nintendo/pc gamer :rolleyes:
  16. This same thing happened to my friend. Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky.
  17. I got a 3month subscription last year and the last 2 times it tried to renew my bank account was zero and no money came out even when i did get money in the account but it actually still renewed:hello:
  18. Wow you guys who posted about needing a CC to make an xbox live are just plain crazy... i have 360/live and didnt use a CC..

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