Free Will

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by junkyarddog, May 27, 2010.

  1. Does god really give us free will if he's going to punish us eternally for making decisions he doesnt like?

    [ame=]YouTube - Free Will - "God" style: a gift?[/ame]

    "Let me into your life to save you."

    ..."Save me from what?"

    "Save you from what I'm gonna do to you if you don't let me in...but its totally up to you"
  2. Yeah I don't see coercion as free will. God is supposedly all-knowing anyway so that seems to eliminate the idea of free will anyway.
  3. God, being omniscient, doesn't even have free will himself. God knows every single decision he is ever going to make, past present and future. God can't second guess himself in the future because he already knows it's going to happen.

    God, far from being omnipotent, is chained to an infinite future where every decision he is ever going to make effectively already has been made.

    God cannot even change his mind. \t\t:p

  4. My mind just got raped! +rep mang
  5. lol i was going to make a thread about that a couple of days ago...

    i was also gonna add that he cant omnibenevolent because even if evil a is lack of gods presence he is still allowing it to exist which is just as evil
  6. reincarnation bro
  7. To me, the scentence,

    "God gave us free will."

    sounds just about the same as,

    "Genie gave me a flying carpet."

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